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Violence! Why!

What sparked me to write this blog. My youngest Daughter, while in the car on the way home from school, starts telling me a story of a couple of fights that happened in the school. Ok, I get it, kids are going to argue. I understand this. But this story went beyond an argument. She tells me the kid that got set upon was set upon by a few others. Not only that, the violence was to the extent of this kid is in bad shape. I won’t go into detail, but I felt myself really connecting with the kid that got hurt. Probably because of the bullying that I got when I was a kid. Its not just physical now either. Bullying has gone cybe. I just get a message from her telling me there has been another fight today. What is going on?

Any violence is not OK. People use it freely to “prove” a point. What point is actually being proved? That your stronger? Better? Better fighter? WHY!!!! Does it really make a difference? It takes a bigger person to become aware and walk away then to just want to destroy somebody. Don’t get me wrong there are times when if you are being attacked physically then you are going to defend yourself. But why would somebody want to hurt another because of words. See my blog on WORDS.

Look around at how much hostility and violence there is out there. Wars, people hating each other because of heritage, religion or political views. Why not keep an open mind and heart? Why not get to know somebody instead of judging. How about looking at your opinions as just that, opinions. Its not the law. I live in the country of freedom. Freedom for every one of us to have our own opinions, love who we want, follow what political agender we believe in and have friends and extended family from different ethnic groups. Its what freedom is. So why would we have an opinion and use violence against another because they don’t think the same. There are countries in this world that are suppressed. They don’t have the freedom. They are told what they are to believe and you say anything different, well, you may not be around much longer. Or, punished. We are a very privileged country. We are VERY lucky.

Like I said I was bullied. Bullying brings on psychological effects later in life. How about not feeling worth. Afraid to speak. Anxiety, depression, PTSDS. How about being socially uncomfortable. Not wanting people to be unhappy with you. The list goes on. All because of physical violence.

Nobody has the right to use violence to push a belief that you may not believe in agender. How about agreeing to disagree. Now we have people going at other because of mask wearing or vaccination. Sure, we all have strong beliefs around this. Nobody is going to think the same. But why not agree to disagree. Does beating the other person change the way they are thinking? Does it shift the mindset to your way of thinking? Of cause not. In fact, ya will drive the person the other way more. Healthy discussion can change minds. Violence will not. Discussion brings healthy debate and maybe a connect. Violence will bring enemies.

Now going back to the school incident. What has that proven that a bunch of kids can put another in hospital? What changes has it made? What health issues may it have caused? What future psychological problems has that made? What enemies has it made? How about fears now? How will it affect the kid that got hurt? How about the kids doing the violence? What charges may they face? What does the school think now?

Look at Afghanistan. Many many people from different countries died freeing a people from violence and dictatorship. It was horrible what was, (and is again) happening to the people of that country. Something I do not need to explain. Now the troops have left and the country is going back to way it was. Its only people are fleeing. So, why did all those people have to die. People are there afraid. Afraid because of what they went through before. Unthinkable atrocities. Punished for things that we take for granted. They don’t even have representation if they are on charges. Violence is used to bring these poor people to the dictators way of thinking. Why? Cause fear will rule the mind.

So, please, use love. Love is stronger than violence. Think with your heart not your fist.

Much love and blessing to you.


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