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Words strung together can make a strong statement

What are words? Written, spoken or in braille, a word is just that....a word. Some words have to be strung together to make any sense because when they stand alone they have no power. for example...The, Of, It, and so on. Then they're are words with a huge impact just on their own... Words like Hate, Racism, Rape, Murder, Love, Bliss. Words also have an impact depending on how you say it.

I remember sitting in a Restaurant and broke open a fortune cookie. My family was all trying to correctly say the line that was written in Chinese. The waitress came over and explained to us that it can mean about 6 different things depending on how you say it. pitch in voice, length of the tone, type of tone, etc. Amazing! Same words meaning different things. But it is all still just words. So how do they have an impact on us?

It depends on how you interpret the words. So, the words or word stirs up thinking and your stories you are making up is whirling around in your mind. Then what follows thinking? Emotions!!! Now you're adding in Emotions to the stories, that you are making up from how you are interpreting the words you are reading. It's what makes great writers. Ever have a book you have trouble putting down? The book or article pulls you into the mind of the writer, who is pulling the information from their mind to the paper and back to your mind. When you write well you can put another person's mind into a world of your choosing. Simply through words.

Dictionaries can be fascinating to go through.

What does the word LOVE conjure up for you? Significant other? Family? Friends? Vacation? Wedding? Pet?

Now go to the word HATE. Now, what are you thinking of? Violence? War?Disgust? Racism?

So choose your words wisely when writing or talking. Even when you are thinking.

Change your words and it will make a strong impact on your life. Compassion over Violence. Love over Hate. When I hear my daughters say they Hate something. I correct them and say, " Do you HATE it?" It's more like a dislike than hate. But as soon as you say hate it will stir up way stronger emotions then saying you just dislike something.

I have heard my wife say to me often, "I didn't mean it like that" But if the words are coming in your direction with a certain tone to the voice it can put anybody on the defense and you may come back with a negative few words yourself. Now you have a conflict.

Its only words. What makes a difference is what reaction you have to them.

Words are a beautiful thing. If we did not have them we would not be able to communicate in. If I was told there is no reading I don't know what I would do. I sure would not be capable of communicating to you through blogging. Let alone no reading...WHAT!!!!!! That's like telling me no more music. Just remember Words are just that. A pattern of letters joined together to form a word. Or Dots in braille. Even the keys that print to a typewriter or computer.

Relax, It's all just WORDS!

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