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Who Are You To Judge?


Why do you judge another? What right does somebody have to judge somebody on Race, Religion, politics or who they love. Judgment comes with anger and hate too. Why?


When you are born ya know nothing about Race, Politics, Religion or who somebody loves. All you want is not to be dropped and fed. Plus, of cause the loving and caring touch of another. As the baby starts to grow they are complete sponge brains. Taking everything in with the senses. Programming the mind. The mind forgets nothing. Everything they touch, smell, see and hear is programmed. They don’t know what’s “right or “Wrong” They get told. What is “right” or “wrong” for one set of parents, may be the opposite for another set. Or one person is gonna have a different opinion than yours. So what’s right and wrong? It’s a program. These programs mold the child into the way they think in adulthood unless they consciously or subconsciously change the program. I say subconsciously because sometimes things will change with age or with a change of heart on whatever it was ya had the belief or opinion on. A lot of my beliefs started changing when I started to find myself through therapy about 3 years ago. I will always be searching for answers and always learn about myself for the rest of my life.

So, ya get a little older then start to form ya own set of beliefs and opinion. This is on things you learn in an adult mind. Still don’t mean they are right or wrong, its your own Opinions and beliefs. But, also built off a foundation of programs from childhood.

Example…Racists. There is no doubt that it can happen in adulthood and then all the sudden ya a racist. I also believe that it can go the other way too. The sensible way of becoming an adult and looking at the hate program and seeing it for what it is and changing. But, again, if you have been programmed from birth with a negative mind against somebody cause of skin color, race, who they love or politics then that’s ya foundation. I remember in one of my early therapy sessions, Judith was telling me about how we build this box around us and everything we put in there is everything me want, don’t want. Beliefs and opinions. What we like and don’t like? But unless we are willing to open the door and open the mind to possibility, we will always live our lives around what’s in the box. Open the mind to other opinions and perspectives. LISTENING!!!! Some many don’t practice listening. They miss the others words cause they are working on saying their own.

How can anybody possibly judge another on skin color? Do they not see a human being? Why judge? How do ya know somebody on a judgment? Bit ignorant don’t you think? Learning about others is a beautiful thing. All different ways of doing things. Its very interesting when ya ask about people’s story. What they have done with their life. Struggles they may have got through. Traditions they have. Its very interesting and fascinating to learn about other people. But if another stops at the color of skin the I pity you. You are missing out on a beautiful thing. Part of the journey. I am an immigrant of the U.S myself. Its nice when somebody may ask me about my culture. My background, and interests. Believe me, it may be hard to understand but I went through a big culture shock moving to U.S. I did not expect it. I spoke the same language but felt really out of place. Venerable too, I guess. I said a lot of things that was not understood. Way of life for me was completely different to here in the U.S. I chose to adapt. Slowed my accent down, learnt the ways and started programming with the new life. But I bet others think it was an easy time cause the countries are so close, etc. No! it wasn’t. I have had some hard times at immigration too when I have been coming back from Holliday from London. So,

Every body has the right to follow what politics they wish to follow. Sure, I get it, when ya have leaders that are not for the better interest of the people ya gonna be upset. But they have a following all the same. A population of the country votes them in and follow who they follow. Its what gives the freedom. Other countries don’t get to follow who they want to follow. Or vote for that matter. Plus told who you are gonna follow. Take away ya rights too. Plus, whoever is in power ya gonna have a percentage that don’t like it and a percentage that does. Do I think voting is corrupt? I think there is corruption through all politics. Ya hear it all the time. But, how can another beat on another or hate another for who they follow. Ya may be disappointed or not happy that they may choose who they choose but then its our choice to not have to be around it too, correct? Don’t stay in ya box. Open the door and think. We have the country we do cause of democracy. As corrupt as it is, we are not living like other countries are. I pray and hope that down the road this does not change.

Who we choose to love is our own choice. Love to me comes from a special place. It’s a feeling that moves. It’s a giving of energy to another. We can love anything. Another person, a place, a pet or animal, a song…the list goes on. But in my opinion, nobody has the right to tell a human being who they share their love with. Why would somebody put down another, and be made to feel shame because they love another of the same sex. They are happy? I wonder if the one doing the judging is happy themselves? What if table were turned and the person judging was judged for who they are sharing their love with. I wonder if that would make them happy? Probably not, so don’t judge. I have never had somebody from the LBGTQ community judge me for being straight. I have great friends and acquaintances in the LBGTQ community. I see humans not anything else. I see people sharing love. If everybody would loosen up and share love we wouldn’t have the fighting and issues we have. I have heard before about the LBGTQ community adopting a child and people being bent out of shape about it. Why? Another child is getting a loving family and people are against that? Stop and think! We have a huge population of abused kids. Kids with no parents. Abandoned and rejected through no fault of their own. Why would anybody have a problem with a couple taking in a child and giving them that love they crave? How can that be bad? Ya been programmed to think that? Wasn’t born with it. What’s the program? What’s the belief? Why not open the box step out and listen?

Do you know what love is?

I could write more on the subject but the foundation of the idea is there. It’s a big subject and can open good discussion.

Think before you judge.

Step outside your box.

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