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Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Stillness does not mean blocking out the mind. To me, it means just allowing. Allowing the senses to take in the info around me without reaction. In fact, it's a joyous place to be.

As I write this blog I have the window open and it's 5.46 pm. It's rainy with cooler air. The sun is sinking fairly fast and there is a yellow hue to the sky. I can hear the wind blowing through the palm trees outside and I hear somebody doing a handyman project with what has the sound of a saw. The traffic on the road a short distance away is kicking up the sound of water as they move through the rain. Then a burst of a sound of voices. neighbors about their day talking to each other. I'm present. I hear everything I tune into. I see what I see but I know it's all atoms Vibrating at different frequencies which make up what I am seeing.

I have lit a candle now. I walked off towards the room that I

meditate in, thinking about a large candle I have. Then I spotted a smaller one that my youngest daughter got for me a good while ago. My first thought was, "I don't want to use it". Then my mind went to, "why!" "I have denied my daughter the pleasure of the gift that she got for me to use and enjoy".

It's darker now and the candle is doing the job of lighting my computer. Along with the calming scent of black opium incense.

There is a stillness among the noises. Even though the noises are there, the stillness is too. You miss it unless you tune in. This to me is Spirituality. The awareness and consciousness.

There are short periods of no traffic noise and the sound of the dripping rain brings another still moment. As I tune into the sound, it increases in volume. Even over the next short burst of sound from the traffic.

Stillness is just that. Being still. No reaction to anything. Just observe. Be still. Listen, smell, see... These are the 3 Senses that I'm choosing to tune into. It brings peace.. STILLNESS.

It's like a still lake. like glass Not a ripple. It's early morning and there are just the sounds of nature. The lake is still and glass-like. It looks like you could just walk across it. There is that stillness.

So Tune in to stillness it can help you when the ripples come from a

small pebble hitting the surface of the lake. The mind will see just that, RIPPLES.


Please pass around my site. You may make a difference in somebody's life. Some suffer in silence not wanting to talk. Well maybe the website landing in front of them will help them. It may get them into seeking help with me or anybody else. Pass me to those that are seeking help.

Thank you

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