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Keep compassion a fashion

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

If we teach our children Love and Compassion that will grow with them for the rest of thier lives

I heard a sentence used by Rich Roll on his podcast with John Joseph which went like this, “How can we make compassion cool?”, “How can we make caring cool?” and I thought, “this needs a little blog.” I highly recommend looking up John Joseph and Rich Roll blogs and sites. They sure have an influence on my path in finding myself. The one I watched today is John Joseph on Rich Rolls Vlog.

My lovely people, it all comes down to us. It would really be a good idea to change the backward non-compassionate way of thinking. If we all could take a step back and see another side of of things and breathe, we would have less trouble.

So when somebody wants to go in front of you inline….breathe! Sure, it may wind ya up, but if they have 2 or 3 items let it go. Why stress yourself and mess your day up over an extra couple minutes? If they have a cart with so much in it that the mountain of products is falling off, say something, especially if they are clearly pushing in line. How will you say it, though? If you come off with hostility, then you gotta be prepared for it back. Then it can lead into the point of no return. Cops are called, people being arrested, etc. etc. And for what!? Would all that be worth it?

Teach Compassion from an early age

If we can start changing ourselves and become the better person, then things can change. What if the person with the noisy kids on your train has just had bad news? Their minds are not really with it. However, you have created a story on this person that you just scripted in your mind. You have made up the story just on what you’re seeing….that's all. Do you know them? What if you had bad words with this person then come to find out what may of happened? How would you feel then?

When we ourselves can step back and change how we react to situations, it helps with how we feels throughout the rest of the day . It always makes me feel good when I do something for somebody and hear, “Thank You!” When I let somebody in when in traffic, and the hand comes up as a Thank You. I have always made sure to say Thank You in some kind of way. Even when crossing traffic, I raise my hand in thanks to the driver that pulls up at a crossing. How often do people NOT communicate a Thank You gesture? I see it all the time. Now how does that make you feel when it’s not done to you? Does it feel compassionate?

I’ve got to say, I don't like it. It costs nothing. It takes a fraction of time. It’s easy to do, and can make a difference to somebody's day. It’s giving gratitude. It’s giving thanks and showing compassion. So, no matter what, make a conscious effort to change how we respond to situations and how we also use our manners to pay back the good deeds done for us.

Please watch a good You Tube vid...…..Here

So the Challenge for you for today, and throughout your life, is to keep compassion a fashion. Make somebody's day and show them compassion.


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