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I Have been wanting to put something "simple" together for people to look at and have it click them maybe into a different direction with the thinking. Especially when ya may be feeling some issue arrising such as anxiety and depression. I was out walking this week and this came to mind. I am putting it up on my Spotlight page but will also make it as a blog for posting later.

S= Surf.

Look for a body sign. We always have a thought first and then the body signs. Ya may feel it in the stomach. You may get hot. Ya throat may feel like there is somthing in it. There are many different clues. You may clue into the body sign before you even realize anything about thinking. Once you feel that it is there, start "Surfing". It is much easier to "Surf" the thoughts and emotions then to fight in a negative way. Negative way will be explained in the next section. If a surfer is surfing a big 20 to 30 ft wave and loses the positive thoughts and does not stay present, the wave will win. Now if you look at the 20-30ft wave as negative thinking that’s exactly what happens. We lose our positive thinking and the negatives will drown us. As the surfer keeps the positive and present attention, they finally ride the wave out to a "safe" zone.

O= Observe.

Observe is just that, looking at the thoughts and emotion behind it. Now that you are up and surfing the thoughts and emotions you have become aware and can observe. This is not about "Fighting" in a negative way by saying things like, "I want this gone". "Will this ever end". "Why me", and so on with the many ways that we can negatively approuch this. It’s about seeing it, and returning with positive answers. What if thinking with anxiety is a big one. So, when you have a what if and a negative, follow with the what if but give a positive. keep following each what if and negative with the opposite positive. Once you are surfing and able to observe you can start all your "tools" to help you surf towards the safe zone. Read, walk, exercise, listen to music, watch an inspirational video, play a game, color, meditate, breath work, call a friend, etc. That’s how ya fight back. Observing and riding it through allows the emotions and thoughts to happen without turning up the volume with fighting it in a negative way. Check in with your breathing. Breathe through the nose. Long and deep. Every storm cloud has the sun behind it. in time the clouds pass and the sun shines again. Keep asking questions. "Where is this thought and or emotion/s coming from" Dig to "roots" find answers. Learn why things are happening the way they are. all the while you are keeping your mind on the positive of wanting to find answers the better it is going to be to reach the safe zone. It takes work, but you CAN do it. Observe and ride.


Now that you are able to surf it and observe it you can send it packing. This can sometimes happen naturally as you break it down with observation and commitment to "Tools" and questions. By doing the first S and O you are becoming in charge of it and it not in charge of you. You are gaining power over the mind. Reward yourself. Focus on what you accomplished because this all helps to build the program stronger. The more you do the process the better and stronger you will get. It’s not fool proof, but in those moments do not beat yourself up. Do what you can and focus on the positives that you have done. If you felt like staying in bed but got up, that’s a step. If you didn’t want to take a shower but did, that’s a step. Blow the positives up large. The more you do it, again the better you will be and become. and the quicker you can SEND IT PACKING!!

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