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Everybody has to have Patience with a jigsaw

This is a big subject because its something a lot of us does not have, and yet it can be really important in a lot of ways

How many times have we interrupted a conversation cause we wanted our say? Or, got mad with somebody for being 5 min late? How about our current situation with Covid 19? There is a book that can be written on this one. From politicians down to well, us right? How about waiting for a ride? or bus? or train? Here is one that I have had to look at and stop myself on...How about pressing the send button for online purchase, then a day later wondering where it's at?

Yet patience is the simple act of waiting without the annoyance. It's not reacting to somebody being late. Maybe ask if everything is OK. They could have an incident that made them late and all we do is get annoyed and have to say our piece. So the train, bus or car for pick up is late. It's not in your control. What if any of those services had trouble getting there. Take ya time and listen to some more music. Read another page of your book. How about taking the opportunity to check in with yourself, breathe, and see where the feelings are coming from in the body and calm it.

Whatever it is we can choose to see it as a learning experience into calming ourselves and being a better person. Patience is one of those things I see as a little bit about self. It's things we have no time for that make us mad cause it's not to OUR expectations right?

Covid has everybody's patience messed up. We want it done to get back to our original way of life. We want a vaccine-like yesterday, right? The very reason Covid is spiking is down to people with no patience and wanting to do what they wanna do. Then don't get me started on politicians. I could rant on about politicians all-day. I don't even have a side. They are meant to work for us but let's face it a lot of them are working things how they want it. Let's take Florida right now. Inpaintence on the political side opening things way too fast has caused a spread in Florida that has gone crazy daily. If patience would have been in order we may not have the mess to clear up we do now.

Now the key to any good or even great conversation is LISTENING. You can learn a lot by sitting and listening with awareness. That's total focus. This takes patience. We are so busy in our own head working the next thing to say to something we just heard at the start of the convo that we miss the middle and the end of what the other said. BREATHE!!!!! It's not just you in the conversation. We liked to be listened to by a patient person. Then give the same respect back of listening. Then another thing is we will have more intent on talking from the head and not the heart.

We have all been in traffic jams. My wife is a nightmare in one. Go to this lane cause ya gonna make a car space then back over to basically where ya started cause that line is now moving. Even though, ya would have been in the same position if ya just stayed put. Then ya see an accident, "Oh, Damn I am gonna be late" or " I wanna get to where I need to be faster than this" What about the people involved in the accident. Ya ever think they are OK? If we had patience we can tune in and say, "I hope these guys are all safe and not hurt". Again BREATHE!!!. Few deep breaths and tune into patience. Listen to a podcast. Take few more minutes to slow ya breathing. Be thankful that it's not you in the accident. Give blessings and sit and be patient.

Ever had a go at a server cause ya food is not coming up quick enough? Sure call them over and ask but no need to do it from an inpatient state of mind. You always have the choice if you're really not happy of leaving without anger. Not only does that not cause a massive issue but also keeps your biochemistry in check and not all over the place which is not healthy.

I could go on and on with different cases with patience because it is to do with a lot of things. But I think you get the picture.


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