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There is always an Opposite throughout every day life.

I wasn't sure how to start this blog because it was my daughter that gave me the idea just through conversation with her about her and her friend. It made me think of the saying "Opposites Attract". In this case, they really do. There have been many many other situations with people that really get along well and are opposites. I believe there was a program on T.V about it once too.

Its when we look past how somebody may look and get to know somebody that an attraction can happen. Too many people are quick to judge another before meeting them and finding out who they really are. But it's not all down to opposites in how people look.

This story starts when I was sitting I think watching T.V at the time or was playing a game. My eldest daughter is 16 and in high school. The pressure that young kids are under these days with grades and push push push is crazy. Its no wonder they grow up way fast. Some missing who they really! My daughter is one that worries. Worries about her classes, worries about her grades. She may even get a good grade and wanted a better one. She will say "I got a B"! with an upset. To me that's great...But how do you consol a young person that feels way more pressure to do better than that because they worry about what schools they are going to get into in the future due to grades they pull through school? I think it's terrible. Doesn't the education system put way to much pressure on our kids? Do they not see that in more underprivileged areas that there are young kids that have a talent waiting to burst out but are not given the chance because they may not be coached due to lower grades? Anyway, back to the story. So my daughter has my anxiety especially when it comes to making school grades. Now I know from my anxieties, we blow things up way bigger. We do the worst-case scenario very well. So where a B is great to some, somebody with anxiety it's devastating. So as you can tell she is pretty much on thorns when it comes to grades. My daughter meets a good friend that also worries about grades but has a different approach. The, "I have tried my best" or " I will try my best" when it comes to testing and I'm gonna be calm about it is a great approach. My daughter tells me that they were both talking the other day and she says to her friend that she has noticed she is much calmer since meeting her when it comes to testing. The friend turned and said, ya know what? I have been wanting to do better and worry about my grades more since I met you. I laughed and said, "Opposites attract".

I notice that when I am around my mate Eric too, he is very laid back and things I have seen that would scare the crap out of me he takes in his stride. He threw me off the other week saying, "I don't think about my thinking". WHAT!!!!!!! "What's that like"? I said to him. My thinking thinks about my thinking that thinks about that thinking. But, if we are facing something together his energy keeps me calmer. I have helped out at his fabrication shop a good few times and it's always calm but with a lot going on. Chefs that I have worked with too. When they are calm it helps in the whole kitchen.

There are opposites in every day life too. In Chinese philosophy there is Yin and Yang. Meaning there is an opposite to a situation you may be seeing or in. Positives and negatives. Light and Dark, Wet and Dry, Fast and Slow, Young and Old, Breath in Breath out, Hot and Cold, and so on......So why not with people?

So, go out there and meet people. You could be helping somebody out of a spot and not even know you are doing it.


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