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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Monks are always looking for the ultimate in enlightenment. Meditation being a big part of that.

Meditation is a subject I have been wanting to talk about for some time now. I am very passionate about it. I have done many different ones and have had a huge host of different reactions. The biggest one I did was a Kundalini meditation called a Kirtan Kriya. It's a meditation that is done for 31min every day without fail for I think it was 41 days straight. There are madras and mantras involved as you do the meditation. Not easy! you miss a day you start from day one again. I made sure I did this straight off, right through the first time. I don't like missing if I give myself a challenge. sometimes I was meditating late at night but I wanted to complete the challenge. I went through all kinds of emotions and some things that I see in my mind, that near made me stand up and quit.

But Meditation is sticking with it. Seeing images or thoughts and working through them by using an "Anchor" The number one "Anchor" for most is your BREATH. When the mind wanders you just bring it back to fully concentrating on your breath. A trick I learned from an App that I highly recommend called Insight Timer, is to dampen the rim of the nostrils. Especially if you're a beginner, it really emphasizes the air going across the top lip and into and out of the nostrils. I use a Zafu Pillow to bring my hips above legs while cross-legged. but a comfortable chair or laying down will work. I will light incense before I start, give thanks to spirits, guarding angles, God, spiritual beings and Buddha after. Sometimes I will cleanse the room first with Sage or Palo Santo wood and myself. I always like to sit because I do not want to nod off to sleep. It can happen. Not saying it will, but when you get into that real comfortable part of the mind and really relaxed you may doze off. If you use a chair sit forward from the back but keep your back straight. Palms up on your thighs for acceptance. Place your chin in what is called chin lock, which is looking forward then slightly down. You will feel the upper vertebra straighten and take off stress. Now focus on the breath.

Incense I burn near all day. Especially in meditation

Everything you can possibly focus on. First, breath in deeply and controlled. when you breathe in, filling the belly. Let it expand and feel with good deep breaths of air. Feel the air and your body movements as you breathe. Remember long and steady. I have done one breath per minute but I need a lot more practice to do it on a constant basis. But there are people that do it. that's 20sec in, suspend the breath for 20sec then out for 20sec. Right now when I want to practice it I can do a 2 breath per minute much better. In for 10, suspended for 10 and out for 10 Really want to work on the 1 breath though. As long as you are going nice and deep and into your belly then great. As negative or positive thoughts come to mind, recognize that you are thinking or making stories and bring yourself back to the breath with beating yourself up about it. In fact, well done you for being able to recognize that you have gone astray a little and have come back to breathing. Keep your meditation going for at least 15 to 20 min to start. I have done some 40min meditation and I have done some 8min meditation. its how you feel. If I'm having a particle crappy day I meditate multiple times and longer sessions. But, every day is key. If you miss, again, don't beat yourself up. Recognize it and vow to do better. After you are done meditating, open your eyes and slowly come back into the room you are in.

I always feel great after meditation. I have gone into meditation not happy and come out great. I've also gone into meditation, come out and know I need a bit more. Listen to what your energy and higher self is telling you.

I would love to meditate here.

The more you do it the better you will get. You will find that the drifting in thought will be less and more focus will be on your breathing. You will start to feel calmer in the day time, have better sleep, have more compassion and a whole host of other great gifts that it gives. Health being another. But it takes commitment and work. I have heard, "It doesn't work". A lot of people that think that have also thought that you're meant to block out the thinking. When that doesn't happen for them they give up. Are there Monks, Yogis or Gurus that can do that? I'm sure there is but they have also been mastering the skill for many many years and many many hours. Can you do it? nothing saying you can't but a majority of new people trying meditation give up for the very reason I spoke of. Over and over I have heard, "I don't have time". "I have to much to do". So you don't have time to invest 15 to 20min on yourself for your own health? To me, that's not wanting it bad enough. Get up 20min earlier. Pick a spot in the office for a period of time and do it. You have a lunch break right. Take in a healthy lunch to work, and before you eat take 15 to 20min of your time to recharge the beautiful brain cells and refresh your whole system. You have no problem working for somebody for 10 to 12 hours whats 15 to 20min working on your health? I use to help a mate out at his fabrication shop on a Mill machine. When the break came around I would go up in a room above the office, put the headphones on, bring up Insight Timer and meditate.

This subject will be covered and talked about over and over I'm sure. I will also Vlog about it. Its something at the top of my "tool" list, make it yours. You will be very glad you did. I want to be doing meditation groups at some point. Helping people see the power of meditation. It will also bring people together. Would like to take it to the neighborhood I live and also to office blocks. small groups and one on one. Just trying to help others meditate.

So here is the challenge. Every day for a month. 20min of good meditation. Let me know how you feel and what experiences you have. I would love to hear it.

Namaste and Sat Nam

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