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Material Happiness?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

In my opinion, this does not really exist. Why? Well, you will always be looking for more of the same thing to make you happy.

Let's say you buy a new updated T.V. - bigger screen, bigger remote, bluetooth, smart T.V, Color is some new high definition technology that makes the picture look almost 3D. Very nice right? Of course it is. Who doesn't like that? Now think about the feeling you have when you mount it too your wall, or place it on your new stand and switch it on for the first time. WOOOOOOW !!!! Right?

You are telling your friends and family and are loving what you just invested in. Rightly so! You should love it and be excited about it. Why not? There is not anything wrong with that whatsoever. Now, think about when you got the T.V before this one that you just purchased and plugged in. That was the latest too at one point and you had the same reaction I bet. So what happened? Why isn't the first one giving you the same reaction as the new one? It did once right?

Christmas is arriving and a child is onto the parents for the latest toy. A must-have item. You can't find them anywhere because the media has pushed the advertising beyond anything else. Then it’s spotted. The parent is as ecstatic as the child is going to be when they first open it on Christmas morning. Christmas morning arrives, the child opens the gift and is overjoyed and excited. Again rightly so. Plus, as the parent, you become excited with them. They play with that gift for hours. They don't let it out of their site. Then a few days go by and its played with less and less. Days go by and the child says they are bored..WHAT???? They are looking for the next thing. Why? To make them happy. And so it goes on, right?

Material things provide short-lived happiness. In fact, is it happiness at all? The one good thing is, for a very short period of time, you don't crave anything until the newness wears off. Some people are not happy with the amount of money they make either. Even though they make enough to live comfortable. It’s always, “Well if I make this much I can do this or that”. Then you make the promotion with more pay, your way of life increases by more stuff and it's right back to the same thought, “Well if I make this much I can do this or that”, and so it goes on. There are people that have it all and are still not happy.

How about new style of clothes? Or how about the amount of clothes in your closet now that are not worn? You wanted them when you bought them, but now keep the closet rail happy instead.

The brand new car in your drive. Looks awesome, drives awesome and you love it. So you should. But, can you be true to yourself and say you are as excited today as you were when you first started driving it? You cleaned it on a regular basis. It shined all the time. Now it gets dirty and what was once white is more of a grey.

Happiness comes from within. Things you have learned with your senses is the real happiness.

· Getting up in the morning and appreciating that you're alive to enjoy the day.

· The hot or cold water of a shower.

· Your partner, children, friends and family that provide love and caring.

· The contact and conversation with a stranger.

· Your feet in the sand of a beach.

· The sound of rain hitting your window.

· The smell of cut grass or fresh brewing coffee.

· Looking at the moon or the Sun. The singing of birds.

· The ore and strength of a tree that help us to breath clean air.

· The color of flowers.

· The taste of a fresh piece of fruit

· …..the list can go on and on.

I think you get the picture. It's better for everybody to see and have happiness in these natural beautiful things that never fade. Then to put happiness into material things that do.


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