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Its Not what you see in the Mirror!

When you look in the mirror. What looks back is just the surface you.

When you go and look into a mirror, what do you see? Do you see skin blemishes? Hair not where you want it? Your weight? Your nose? Your shape....Or do you see the negative aspects of you? your stress? The Job that you don't like? The anxiety or Depression? The constant chatter?


You may be seeing all the bad shit, but there is a whole you that you are not seeing at all because you are making all the negatives bigger than the real you. Do you judge who you are by what color ya hair is? Or how ya face looks? or what job you have? How much you make? If you are then no wonder that the mirror doesn't look good. I have started looking at the mirror in the morning and smiling. Put a smile on that face and smile back at yourself. Now honestly tell me that the frown you had before looks better than the smile you are looking at not. If ya say the frown looks better then ya lying. Set ya brain upon the correct thinking by smiling at yourself. Remember, your brain only gets messages from your 5 senses sending the signals to it. A smile tells the brain your happy, content, ready to start a happy day. So what does a frown or non smiling face say? How do you think you are going to start your day. It sure is that little extra fuel to start the negative thinking starting. Then as always... the same routine of thinking and moving about your day.

Now look in that mirror and see the other parts you can not see and give no credit to. What about your loving heart? Your drive? Your kind nature? The compassionate heart? The help you give others? The person people love to see turn up to that job? The supporting parent? The supporting partner? The person that enriches other peoples lives just by being you? The listening friend? The person that makes others laugh? I hope you can see that the hard lives of the past are not who you are now. You are stronger than that image looking back at you. If you have been able to power through many hard times then you can power through the negatives of what you see.

YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU SEE!! Your subconscious mind, the bigger autopilot part of your brain will keep you in the negatives because over the years that's what you have programmed yourself to think. Years of abuse. Years of hate thrown at you. The years of bullying. The years of being spoken down to. Being beaten and abused. Of cause, ya program is going to be off. But again it's not who you are. Your higher self knows and that's what you use to fight back on the negatives. You are giving people from your past that have done hateful things space in your life today. By you remembering all the details of what happened to you your brain thinks that's real again and brings all the emotions, feelings and senses back to that point. It is making you relive because it gets the messages of this is real...NOW! but it's not. SO by you looking in the mirror and seeing all the negatives you are absolutely not doing yourself any justice. It's not you now, is it? That you're looking at. By looking at all the negatives.

Here is a trick I learned. Take a pencil and place it horizontally. Now place the pencil across your mouth, into the parted mouth, and to the back molar. Now keep ya lips away from the pencil and look in the mirror. Ya may not even make the mirror through laughing....mission accomplished ya laughing. But if you're having trouble making that beautiful person you are, smile, then do it. If ya don't laugh, it will false a smile.

Smile at yourselves, my beautiful people. Look in the mirror and be proud of who looks back. You are STRONGER than you think. What looks back is just the outside. Its whats inside.

Be kind to yourself and spread love.


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