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Enlightenment is a place of total presence

OK, I answered a question on Twitter. I told somebody that I have had some times of Enlightenment. He came back and said what did it feel like. I sent him a Private Message explaining a couple of instances that happened to me (I have had more then a couple) and thought I need to blog about it.

I have been following different ways with Buddhism, Taoism, body energy, etc for a while now. Meditation is a huge tool of mine. I didn't really know it was enlightenment until I verified it with my therapist. First time I had no idea what it was. I was in London, in my home town and all of a sudden everything seemed to be a little slower and I started noticing all the faces I was looking at. I normally walk around with my head down so this was nuts. I noticed expressions on faces, ages, nationalities, etc. Everything seemed to go High Def too. You are totally present. No thinking past and no thinking future. 

The other one I will tell ya about was in a supermarket with my wife. She said, "oh can ya grab some onions". When I walked over and grabbed the onion it happened. I was totally focused on the onion. The feel of it the skin, size, weight you name it. Then I lifted my head and it was amazing. Everything went like it was high def again. Color became vibrant and rich. Ever stood in a busy supermarket with a lot of sounds jumbled up so it just sounds like a single noise? Well, ya can pick out single sounds in it all with focus when in enlightenment. And its all high def sounds too. All ya senses become high. You feel very light and no negative thinking at all. It's bliss, my friends. Nothing but love, compassion, and being. Strongest ever. It leaves you wanting more. I've noticed as I have more they last a bit longer. It's amazing my friends, amazing!! No feeling like it. I had one in bed the other night too because I was getting really on top of my negative thinking. Then I hit it. Ya know it when ya get there. I had a visual with that one. Me on the bed with like a crystal dome over me. On the outside, there was these like figures but no features. Totally color of black. Like the cut around in a crime scene of a body that had been lying there but colored in black. I could tell they were pissed and they were pointing at me in the dome. I talked to my therapist about it and we are thinking its to do with my negative thoughts not getting in. Like demons trying to retake control but unable to. 

Meditate. Trust your higher self and stay on the road of strength. I found as I really got into meditation is when I started having these enlightenment times.

Don't ever give up on meditation. It's not easy at first because you do keep seeing your thoughts as a problem. See them let them go by and bring yourself back to an Anchor. Your breath or a scene in your mind like a wooded area, ocean, etc. Congratulate yourself for recognizing the fact that you caught yourself in thought.

Be yourself. Love often. Share a smile. Don't judge others


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