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Choose your Sentences Wisely

Its better to choose different words in a sentence than you normally would.

Ok, this came to me after watching a YouTube presentation and writing a tweet about it.

What you tell your mind it will use against you if you are not careful. We use a lot of BIG and BOLD wording strung together in a sentence that becomes very powerful for the mind and the body will react to the wording you are using because the mind will register it as a catastrophe. That very powerful "computer" that sits between our ears is no joke. It is one of the fastest most powerful, quick learning "computers" you will ever come across. only works on what the 5 senses tell it. Then it will take that info, react then store it. It reacts by turning on systems throughout your body to get the job done. Depending on how your senses see your outside world. Not everybody reacts the same because let's face it everybody does not see a situation and feel the same way. How you, yourself sees, smells, hears, tastes and feels things in your outside world will determine what YOUR mind does with it and so how YOU will react and feel. Everybody is an individual and nobody is perfect. Trouble is, unlike the animal kingdom, how we react can linger on and on. Hours, days, weeks after. When an animal's fight or flight response gets triggered, for example, it will get away from danger due to the animal's brain firing off responses in its body. Once it out of danger, it goes back to whatever it's doing. You may shout at ya dog for eating ya favorite dinner right off the table, but it doesn't remember 10min after. It goes back to playing with its favorite toy. But you are still holding onto the fact your dinner is gone. Anger, frustration, and wondering what ya gonna do now all comes into play.

So let's take that scenario first.

You're getting ready for your favorite meal. Your partner has been cooking for a couple of hours and you have been waiting all day. Your partner says it's ready but you need to make a quick phone call. "I'll be right there.", ya shout out. "Just gotta make a quick phone call" You run off, into the other room and close the door. While ya partner puts the plates of food on the table. Then, ya partner needs to use the bathroom. Off they go upstairs to use the restroom. Meanwhile, your 150lb blockhead Rottweiler is cruising around sniffing the air. His head is somewhat level with the table, and oh boy! Every meal you eat is his favorite. He won't touch his dry food unless it has some Chef knocking up toppings for it in the kitchen and yours is steaming and drifting towards his nose. That's it he says, nobody around and BOSH!!! Grabs your plate and drags it to your nice cream-colored carpet. He's having a blast, as he eats your plate of food and stains your carpet with whatever mixings he's treading into the nice thick pile of your carpet. You walk out of the room after your 10 min call and lay eyes on what has happened. The dog looks up at you licking his mouth as the last piece of your dinner goes down his throat. BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! There is no build-up you turn into a massive monster of what doesn't seem human and shout things like. This is a Catastrophe!!!!! I hate you!!!!!! This is the end of the world!!!!!! First, is it a Catastrophe? Do you hate the dog? Is the world going to end? Massive words strung together that sends your mind beyond anger. Big statement words that are not true in the real world. Sure you're going to get angry no doubt. But when you start stringing heavy sentences together your brain is going to use that against you. When you fire off anger to that degree by what you're saying, your body fires of body chemistry that you don't need to be in. Some of the health problems that can happen are headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, cortisol levels rising, you name it. So the dog ate the food. Ya may say what did you do, go lay down or words to that effect. But then think about the solution not the problem. What are you going to do for dinner? Early enough? Maybe take your partner out. See whats in the freezer. Even if you have a sandwich. There is a solution right? The carpet can be cleaned and ya don't hate ya dog. He's forgotten about it already.

Another scenario. How are you when somebody cuts you off in traffic. What do you do? How do you react? You start throwing hand signs at them. Shouting how much of an XYZ they are? Even saying how ya would do them harm. you must know them really well to be able to throw that kind of sentences at them. Then it's a disaster because you're going to be late for ya hair appointment. Ok, find a safe parking area, call them and let them know what is happening. I'm sure they are understanding. But is it a disaster? of cause not. Do you wish somebody harm in ways a surgeon can't even explain? Well, if you do you need therapy. What if they are having a worse day then you? They didn't mean to cut you off. How about they just got news and had to get to whoever it is? how do you feel now? How is your day feeling now? So using sentences with words you don't mean it's not worth it. You are messing up your health. Plus your wishing bad Karma on others. Do you really want to do that?

So, take a breath in and a pause. Yes, things can be annoying but when you can breathe and pause before reacting you are saving yourself days of mental health issues. Plus, the health issues are not ones you want to be dealing with.



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