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Be The Oak Tree

Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

Be the Oak Tree. What do I mean by that statement?

An Oak is a strong hard wood tree. It can live from 100 to 300 years. That said, there are oaks way older than that. They root themselves with strong solid roots. A canopy stretches many many feet. Some of the largest southern oaks can have a canopy diameter of 150ft and they can stretch up to 100ft tall. The trunks can reach 30ft. But they did not start like this.

It all started from an acorn.

An Acorn drops from the established Oak and falls to the ground. Over time it will become buried. Decomposing material like leave and sticks become the Acorns nutrient. It will germinate and then start it journey of struggle up through the soil. Obstacles of stones and heavy soil pushing it downwards. The shoot from the Acorn maneuvers its way around, through and over whatever gets in its way. The obstacles will only make the tiny shoot stronger. It does not give up until it finally breaks through the surface and into the sun light. Over many years the shoot from the Acorn becomes a stronger and stronger Oak. The right amount of water, nutrient, sun light and perseverance its all it needs to grow into a full grown, beautiful Oak tree. Now it stands strong. It does not bend easily. Its able to take all weathers. Strong winds, rain, snow, etc. It clears our air that we breathe by being our natural filters. We pass it Carbon Dioxide and in return the Oak pays us with Oxygen. The soil that it once struggled to push through has become it base. Its foundation. The foundation also now serves the tree by feeding the great Oak continued nutrient. The very thing that the oak struggled with now serves it. The great oak now uses its past struggles with the earth to anchor it and make it stronger.

So, be the Oak. You are not sitting reading this for nothing, correct? You have pulled through a lot. From birth to where you are now. You did not get there without facing challenges. Pushing through difficult situations. Ya found a way. Things were put before you that you did not want to face. Obstacles that you managed to get around or over. Like the Acorn shoot, you kept working towards the you that you are now, right? You would not be there, sitting reading this if you gave up! The Oak did not give up either.

The oak grew and made its past its foundation. Learn about yourself. Ask questions. Find where the roots go, and heal. A tree, when hurt, feels it and it keeps going. They communicate with each other too. All based on science. Check out this You Tube

So, be the Oak that you are. Know what you have pushed through. You CAN heal.


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