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Acceptance is going to be ya best friend. Acceptance is one of them words that holds a lot of power. When it is understood and believed it is going to help with some of the mental issues.

Why do we walk around trying to change what does not want to be changed? It can be a person or situation. Let’s take Covid for instance. When Covid was starting up I was in my home city London visiting family and friends. Not many were really paying attention at first. But then as it started to build and more people were catching it. Panic started kicking in. Not just with the nation but myself too. My anxieties went through the roof. My last couple weeks back in London, I don’t think I even remember. I was so worried about a lot of things. My family and friends are here in U.S and I have family and friends in U.K too. I started to think “How do I get back?” I progressively got worse. Then the word came down that the ex-president Donald Trump was going to be putting a travel ban on. He put it on a lot of countries but not U. K…. YET!!!! Then my last week he said that U.K was included. The date was set for the ban. It was gonna be the day after I land back in U.S, then there was talk of sending those coming back to a different airport… Oh Boy!!!! Yep, turn the anxiety up a bit more why don’t ya. Then, I thought, “What can I do about it” If I could have lifted my hand and stopped it all I would have. But ACCEPTANCE was key. Then changing my reaction.

Yeah, of cause, my anxiety was up and down but at least now I knew I could not do anything about Covid spreading. But what I did do was start preparing for my Mum. Stacking her small freezer so she had a few weeks of food. Give her run downs of what to do and not do. Like touching her face and sanitizing her hands regularly. Keeping away from people. I also started searching the “Positive”. What was the science? What was the advancements? What about Vaccine? I also checked out pollution. It was fascinating that satellite images over different countries was show a dramatic decrease in pollution and some, none at all. I started to see people being a little more friendly with a hello or nod of the head. Communication that we took soooooo for granted was stepping up. Thank God for technology right. ACCEPTANCE helped me think in a different way.

How about friends that drop you? Or the ones that drift. It hurts if you are close. But if it is their choice what can you do about it? We want it to turn out different and things we do or say may not change the situation. So then Accept it and change your reaction. How about if you break something you like? If you can not fix it then accept it. Maybe you are not well or somebody you know is not well. ACCEPTANCE Or when somebody leaves this earth. A parent or good friend. ACCEPTANCE. You get a flat on ya car or bike. Does beating yourself up or moaning help the situation? Accept it happened and move on. Even if you accept pain, it helps. We may not want it to be there. Back ache is a big one. But, does moaning take it away? In fact it probably turns up the volume to even more pain. When ya accept its there it can ease. Get pulled over for speeding? Why argue with the cop? Ya gonna dig a bigger hole. Accept ya got caught, take the ticket and move on. By the way, moaning after ya get the ticket don’t reduce the fine or make it go away either. I live in Florida. Year after year I would moan about the heat. HELLLLLLO!!!! Its not going anywhere. When I accepted that this is how it is, I don’t know if I imagined it but it felt easier. I didn’t even feel so hot.

Also, people are allowed to love who they want to love. Accept it. They are allowed to preach to who they want to preach to. Accept it. We are all different……


So next time you find yourself stuck in that hitting the wall effect of trying to change something that you can not change, just ACCEPT it is happening and change ya reaction.


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