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Why do I want my Plant Base food to be like Meat?

Plant Base sausage and peppers.

I was asked today why do Vegans want some of the foods they eat to taste like meat? First off, I don't call myself Vegan. I say I am plant base because that's what my diet is....Plant base. I don't do dairy or anything along those lines. I try and watch sugar even though now and then I will eat a sweet or something sweet. I don't drink either, even though now and then I may have a small beer with a friend. But I can count on my 5 fingers how much that happens. BUT I wasn't always like this.

Also, I can only answer the question for myself. I have never asked another why they are plant-based or Vegan. So I only have my reason for being Plant Base but like some of my foods to taste like meat. I don't condemn another for eating meat or fish. Who am I to judge so I don't. Just like what gives somebody the right to judge me for being Plant base. We all have our reasons we do what we do and fights should not break out because of somebody's views or what they do.

To answer the question I need to start with how I was. I ate meat. Every meal we pretty much had it. I worked with it as a Chef all the time. Its something I had no problem with. I also drank alcohol. Especially when I lived in London. Pub on every corner so to speak. I still like the taste of beer I just choose not to drink to help with my mental health. I liked the taste of meat too. Not sure I would now because I have been plant-based since March of 2019. But I did.

When I started my journey to learning about myself I got myself to a fantastic therapist that goes about therapy way different than I have ever had. Energy Healer, Yogi, plant base therapist that is an actor and started to show me another way. As soon as I latched onto this by being shown the energy, (I have to see something before I believe it and there is no mistaking we have energy), I wanted more and more. I research and study all the time. I watch different speakers on youtube and follow several different gurus, yogis, inspirational speakers, you name it I want to know about it. Part of the journey too was me first going pescatarian. Then after a time, I wanted to commit mainly for health.

So, after reading a book called Finding Ultra by Rich Roll it inspired me to go full-plant base. Another guy I follow John Joseph, ( I highly suggest the documentary IronMind that's posted on my site), is a front man for a New York Punk band called Crow Mags. He follows Harry Krishna and has been Plant Base for about 30 years. He also races in IronMan races which he talks about in the Documentary. I am a big lover of music so am drawn to John Joseph too. It all seemed part of the course of mind-body-spirit for me. So I was coming back home from London and my first full plant base meal was on the plane coming back.

Plant Base Cottage Pie

Then, I joined Twitter to start helping people out there with mental health as much as I can. And started seeing animal activists post disgusting treatments to animals. Slaughterhouses are barbaric. I have seen different videos of awesome animals being treated with no regard. Stuff you don't know is going on unless it's brought to your attention. Even an interview with a slaughterhouse worker that said these animals have feelings. They know what's going on. His identity covered so as not to be recognized. I don't have to say any more about the terrible treatment. Do some research out there.

We are also clearing land like crazy !!!!! For grazing animals or growing grain and Soy to feed these animals for human consumption. A report said that if 50% of the grain grown for animals was taken to feed humans you could feed the world. That means people don't have to starve. Think about that. Just 50%. We are clearing valuable trees. Just look at the Amazon and other forests around the world. Look at the fires that have gone on.

So even though I like the texture and taste of meat I no longer want to be a participant in the carnage that's going on. I can't speak out about cruelty to animals and then contribute to it. I can't say I don't like whats going on with the clearing of lands and be contributing to that either. And as for feeding people. I am extremely lucky not to be going hungry. I have much gratitude for what I have in my life. But there is a large population of people that have to search for food. They don't know when they are gonna get to eat. If just 50% of grain could feed these people across the globe, why are we not doing it?

I don't judge another for eating meat. This is my decision nobody else. I'm not Vegan like I said its a label and means a whole host of other things and rules you follow like no leather, Etc. If your Vegan and follow all the rules then well played to ya.

So hope that answers the question from my point of view. I like the taste of meat but the reasons for not eating meat for me, far outweigh the reason for taste. As I said, it's my point of view. Nobody else. If I can eat a product that has a texture and taste of a type of meat and know I'm not contributing to what I believe in, then so be it. By the way Plant Base food it good. It is not bland at all. I don't judge another for what they do and don't see why I need to be judged for what I do either.


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Apr 28, 2020

Those sausages look good. That's a shame I was going to tempt you to a bacon sandwich. Great article love you be good take care.

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