I want to thank all those that have given their time to write a Testimonial. More will be added as I recieve them. I truly appreciate you. 

Steve is a very dear friend who has helped me more since Ive known him than I could ever imagine possible.  He shows love, care, empathy, compassion in all that he does and he has changed my way of thinking about certain situations. From healing my aches and pains (even though he is in the US and I am in the UK) to calming me down through panic attacks through breathing exercises to then allowing and encouraging me to dig deep into my troubled childhood to connect the feelings and anxieties I have now to the actual root cause.  Guided meditation as well.  Steve has taught me to look at things differently and his words of wisdom not only help me but I’ve used those same words of wisdom whilst I’ve been helping others. Trustworthy, honest, respectful.. there’s are so many words to describe this incredible person. 


Steve has helped redefine what mediation means to me and how it can be implemented in my daily life. Before working with Steve I always thought mediation meant sitting and having no thoughts, instead I was taught that mediation can be used when eating, listening to music, and through different scenarios in my mind. These different techniques have really helped me learn how to control my anxiety.



It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for Steve’s guidance, understanding and support. I have always struggled with anxiety and this past year really pushed me to my limits mentally and emotionally. A mutual friend introduced us about 2 months ago and I can't believe the progress we have made working together. His positive energy is contagious, plus I can be my authentic and vulnerable self with him. I’m excited and hopeful about where this journey will take me. I highly recommend anyone who struggles with anxiety/depression or loneliness to give Steve a try. He goes above and beyond and for that I’m truly thankful.

Gina Jones

Steve has truly helped me reach a better  understanding of myself and obtaining inner peace to discover new possibilities in my career and my personal life. I am very grateful for each session to reach new levels of awareness. Thank you Steve for your continued encouragement and guidance. Namaste 🏼 Sandra 


Sandra Burgos | Notary Public


I found Steve in 2019 through Twitter at a time when I was going through incredible stress at a job and really needed some encouragement and support. I found that his tweets often spoke to what I was going through. I was also developing spiritually, and was pleasantly surprised to see 

that he discussed spiritual matters, as well, and that he studied some of the same teachings I was reading about. Eventually, we started conversing through Twitter, then outside of Twitter on the phone. His support and wisdom have undeniably helped me through many very rough patches in my life, and I'm so grateful to have him as a close friend and spiritual mentor. 

- Tanya