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Spotlight is a page I wanted to start to highlight certain things of interest:  People, Art, Music, Restaurants, Etc. Each one stays up for a period of time. 


I have been waiting for the colder weather so that I can sit out the back, at night, and meditate. That time came. The temps were dropping and it was around 52 or 53 degrees with a wind, too. So when the wind blew it felt colder. I grab a chair, go out into the turf and sit. Back straight, palms up. Meditation time.

I have been doing Wim Hoff breath work for some time now. Maybe around two to two and a half years. I have been meditating way longer. Wim Hoff is one of those that is part of my journey. I started grabbing at a whole bunch of information when I had the experience of starting my journey. That included finding people that were putting out the information that I was searching for. Whatever that was at the time. Wim Hoff was one of them. Its all backed by science, too. So if you do not know the name, Wim Hoff, look him up.

I am out in the chair, bare feet on the turf. Shorts and T-shirt, too. So that I can feel the cold. I start to bring focus to the breath. Slowing it down. Becoming present with the whole processes of breathing. The subtle body movements. The warmth of the breath coming out. The sound of the breath. Everything! Then I feel a bite of the wind and cold. "Feel it, don’t react, I tell myself.” Its just my brains response to what it perceives as cold”.  I calm the breath and the mind follows. Back to long deep breaths. I feel the colder grass under my feet. Becoming present with it. By becoming present and shifting the mind, you are not thinking of cold. The mind only believes what you give it by your 5 senses. I feel a slight shiver. I become aware and start a round of Wim Hoff breath work. Just ten breaths. Hold at the top. Feeling the stillness in body as I hold the breath. Aware of the heart beat and the slowing down of the mind. Breathe out, slowly. I’m back to presence.

The cold can help teach. I take cold showers every morning. Every now and then I may take a hot one. But very far and few between. Now I am not telling anybody to go running out and start cold showers. You may not be heathy for it. I am no doctor so make sure ya good to go first.


It teaches by you slowing the breath to traumatic experience. Which is the cold. Ice Cold is even better. I plan on building a Chest Freezer plunge in 2023.

Use your tools. The cold is one of mine.



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