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I wanted to write a little bit about my therapist and introduce you to somebody that has changed and saved my life more than once. Her name is Judith and she runs her practice from the back area of her house in Winter Park, Florida. The pics you see, including the background, are of her fascinating garden. Its so relaxing sitting there looking around the many plants and things to look at. Squirrels run up and around a big beautiful Oaktree and one day we watched birds even playing with them.

Let me tell you how I came to meet Judith.

I was having a day of really bad depression that was getting worse and worse. I went so low that I was sitting in the armchair sobbing not knowing what was going on and wanting out from the life I was in. I went very dark in thinking, feeling, you name it.  My wife looked at me and said: "You need help". NOPE!!! Been through many many therapists and psychiatrists and I wasn't doing that again. But, my wife said she was gonna look some up. A few bios got put my way from my wife of different therapists. As soon as I read the bios I wanst interested. Then my wife called me to the computer to look at Judith's web site. The web site is at the bottom of this page. I could tell that this wonderful lady was different.  A couple of pictures of her office and Judith and something told me this would be different. The first few visits, sure, I was skeptical. Like I said I had been through many therapists before. None of them got me on a path to helping me. Then I started to learn more about her. The Energy healing that she did. The Yoga and generally talking about how the mind works. I learn shes an actor too and has done charity work with underprivileged kids with it. Then I find out she does Hypnosis. Which I have had a few times. I highly recommend it. After she showed me the energy that can be  felt I was hooked. I wanted to know more. I had been meditating before I met Judith but now I was starting a journey not only on discovering myself but also building a set of tools that I can use towards the Mental Health issues of Anxiety and Depression.  I have had very dark session with Judith too. I near just drove past a couple of times. But always seem to keep moving towards her office. Always thankful that I did. Judith has always pulled me out of the dark. Using different methods. One being hypnosis. I have also gone into a rage, (another issue I deal with), and Judith has been rock solid in knowing how to approach me and what to do. Sometimes saying can I give you a hug. I have also sat sobbing and asked for a hug.

I now have my beginner and intermediate Pranic Healing certification. I meditate every day, sometimes a few times a day. I follow the principals of Buddhism and Taoism and anything else I can get my hands on. I also do Kundalini Yoga.  I have been out of this for a bit due to hurting my back but will be back into this amazing Yoga soon. Again Judith got me into this. I went full-on plant-based diet March of this year and haven't looked back. I want to go deeper with Buddhism and really learn about it. The 4 Noble truths, etc. I am constantly researching, reading and learning. I follow many different people for learning too. All this I now like to use to help others. 

Thanks to Judith I am now on a journey. A journey of friendship. A journey of Spirituality. And a Journey towards a new me. Nobody is saying that this journey is easy. I still have some really rough days and times. But I am starting to learn skills that help.

One last thing. If you are reading this and are contemplating therapy, don't hesitate. DO IT. Don't give up on the first therapy either because you don't get along with the one you have. The right relationship with your therapist will work wonders for you. If you're not happy with one, don't delay as I did for years, move on and find another. You will also need to get into some deep work as far as facing situations from past events that will hurt. This is necessary to find your way of dealing with your thinking. You will also learn some things about yourself that you may not like. But own up to it and work with your therapist to fix it. Don't hide anything then say ya therapist is no good. It is going to take work by you. Hard work. But it's like I say to my daughters, "How badly do you want it"

So, THANK YOU to Judith. My Therapist and more than anything my friend


This is Misty, That seems to know when I get there and shows up.