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Friends, Thank You!

How important are friends to you?

We have those that are close, the extended family and then there are friends from a distance. There are those friends you can tell one thing to but not the other. I have friends from all different walks of life, and they are all important to me. A close friend is a person that does not judge you. That supports you. Takes interest in what you are doing. Friends that ya know if ya called them in an emergency early morning they would be there. You can share serious and personal info and know it goes no further. Ones that if they called me and said "bring a shovel", ya just do it.


I have also had good friends drift. Why? Who knows? Maybe because I changed from the person I was to who I am seeking now with a journey of self-discovery. I have friends I may not be in regular contact with but see them or call them and it's like time did not pass. There are those people that you meet in different ways and they become friends too. I have met great people through Twitter. Even started a group on Fridays on Twitter that I call Music Friday. It's a way for us to communicate over Music and checking on each other.

Now I am meeting friends because of this journey of self-discovery I am on. One friend is a definite spiritual connection for me. We will send each other something through text and may have been thinking about it a short period before. By the way, she also does Tarot readings and other spiritual greatness. On a road to discovery herself. So if ya wish to have a reading or Aura cleansing, let me know.

So how important are friends to you? Dont underestimate the value of good friends.

To all those friends I have out there reading this. Thank You! Thank you for your support, love, compassion, understanding, empathy. Thank you for listening when I needed an ear. For giving me that hug when I needed it. Thank you for opening up your heart and spirit to me. Thank you for your advice when I have asked for it and a shoulder to cry on when I have been in a bad place.

Thank you for taking an interest.......In Me........I love you all.....