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Gay Pride

Pride month

I have been wanting to write a blog for Pride month.

I want to dedicate this blog to a dear friend of mine. She is always there for me in support. A beautiful spirit and a loving kind heart. She shows that loving heart when I am having a not so good day or time. She is on her own journey and I met her right at the start of it. She shares my journey and I share hers. It's a pleasure knowing her and to be able to call her my family. It's this kind of friend that I cherish and do not take for granted. Thank you for being a great friend. Thank you for being my family…love ya


OK, it's LGBTQ Pride month. I don't like using labels cause in my opinion, separates a group of people…Why? We are all human and like my friend who is gay I don't look at her any different than I would any other friend. So even though it's LGBTQ Pride…just be proud and celebrate a life. Celebrate the people you love. 


Judgments are made on another cause of who they love. Why? Those that judge another for who they love have no right. It's not interfering with their way of life. Love is love in my eyes. If everybody loved without judgment, we wouldn't have half the horrible things going on in this world. I always say, "those that judge be judged". If ya judging another for being gay ask yourself why? Religion? Program from another? Ask why you're judging. If somebody judges you for some reason, do you like it? You may like the way you look but what if somebody threw judgment at you because they don't. What if you were judged for loving who you love and care for. How would that feel? Why should somebody feel they have to defend themselves for who they love? Can you imagine being scared of being harassed?


Then there are those that feel ashamed and scared. They may of been bought up in a highly religious background and was told you are wrong.  people now will fear being who they are. How about having those around you that's always saying how bad and wrong it is. So now ya feel guilt. Now ya living a life around others and not allowing ya own loving energy to shine. I have been looked at in fear when ask the question of coming out to a family member. They believe they will be punished. Loose touch with faith and spirituality. The very things that help somebody through those dark moments. People commit suicide over this. Beautiful human being with a lot of love to give wasted because they think they are wrong? Due to judgment.


 "He who is without sin cast the first stone"


Love is a very strong emotion. I think the meaning is misused a lot too. It means a lot to love. It's from the heart. The butterflies ya get when ya meet somebody. The excitement when making a call, (That's all my wife and me had. I myself was living in London at the time). It's the love and energy of that sharing with another's heart and energy. How can you say it's wrong just because you don't agree with who they love? 


"Live and Let Live"


So, enjoy a loving human being. Talk and make friends. If you stick to only one certain type of friend then you are missing out. I have friends from all walks of life. One being my special loving friend I dedicate this blog to..