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Don't Listen To ya Mind

I wake each morning with a wandering mind. The light shines around the sides of the blinds. “Stay in bed”, the voice tells me. That’s my sign to not listen and get up.

I fight back at the voice telling me not to lace up my sneakers and get outside. It throws everything at me including other anxieties. Trying to pull me back. It knows what buttons to push

“You will be OK”

“One day wont hurt”

“What about the discomfort in ya ankle?”

“Or the pain in ya back”

I have heard it over and over again. No one day is different than the next. Same voice and same pull back. It use to stop me. Pull me back in but then I started working on myself. Finding who I am and who I wasn’t. Started learning ways of thinking differently.  A way that I never knew before. With the help of my amazing therapist Judith, I started discovering who I am.

So, I put my shirt and shorts on. Grab and put on my socks and sneakers and walk outside. This time of year (November), there is some nice cooler days. This is one of them days. I LOVE being outside. It’s a nice Zen place for me. Even better early morning. Plus, if you have great scenery, even better. While I was in North Carolina the scenery is very Zen. Whatever the case maybe getting outside is hugely beneficial.

As the negative thoughts come, I switch it around to a positive. Over and over again. Re-program!!! I tune into my breath first. Its always my first go to. Slowing the breath has helps the mind to relax. Then I tune into sound. I don’t label anything. As I hear the bird song, I don’t say bird, I tune into the pitch, distance, loud, soft, how many songs I can hear, Etc. I walk until I get to the main stretch of road in front of my neighborhood and then start to jog. While I am jogging, I retune to my breath. Still working on slowing it down. Sometimes I will take some deeper stronger breaths to get more oxygen into the blood and circulation to the brain. I still do the breathing through the nose. There are many benefits to nostril breathing. Check out this vid to see why………..


As I get a little further into my run, I start to think of how far I want to challenge myself on this run. Setting a marker in my mind to where my goal of running to stands. Sometimes I push a little further and sometimes I don’t. Its OK either way. I look at each paver that goes by as another paver width closer to the goal. I don’t think of the whole. Just pieces of the whole.

I start to switch my mind to what I want to accomplish. Keeping it moving in a positive direction. Vlogs, YouTube channel, Blogs, Helping more people and so on. Keeping the mind in the positive energy.

As I get back into my neighborhood I start to walk. Smiling and greeting people out doing the same thing. This alone makes me feel good. As I get closer to the house, there is a Cypress tree that I stand under. I do it every time I go out for a walk/run. I see it change in the seasons. Right now the leaves are changing color and dropping. The smell of the cypress at this stage steps up a notch.  Aa I stand under the tree I place a hand on the trunk. Most times I talk. As I look across the lake at the fountain and the wildlife around, I tune back into sound.

I read a great article on the app "Medium", (Highly recommend if you like to read), about befriending a tree. You pick a tree and then spend time with it regularly. I speak of anxieties I may be having. Maybe anger. Sometimes I am just making comments about what I am present with. Couple weeks ago, I looked at my hand on the tree trunk and got a huge presence energy. I started to think how this tree grew from a seed. Now it is this strong thick structure moving upwards out off the ground. The roots spreading under my feet to the width of the canopy. The canopy soaking in sunlight to help with its own energy. I look around me at the other trees and have a moment of awe! How amazing that I am even here. What a miracle. I am completely present.

I stay a little longer and then head the now 5min or so to the house.


Reason I wanted to write a “Spotlight” On this story Is when not aware we will listen to the negative talk. We become powerless and not powerful. The voice takes over the lead roll in your control and power. Awareness is the weapon against this. When you become aware this is happening you can stand up and do the opposite. Going against the voice. Keep shifting to the positives. It’s about consistently reevaluating, asking questions. Moving the mind in a different direction.