Spotlight is a page I wanted to start to highlight certain things of interest:  People, Art, Music, Restaurants, Etc. Each one stays up for a period of time. Enjoy!


This Spotlight I wanted to highlight another Twitter user. I met this person a little while ago as she would comment on my tweets and support what I was posting. I stretched out one day to help. Sending a Private Message. We started to talk and find out that she has been through some traumatic childhood that she blogs about. I also find out that she is a healer. I myself a healer strike up a conversation about it. We all have our different ways when it comes to energy healing and using what comes to us. We can all learn from one another in this vast universe of Healers, Shamen, Psychics, Empaths, Mediums, Etc to help others heal. Essence is one of them. 


So I asked Essence to do a write up for my Spotlight page. Please go to her page. Show support and get to know others. Her Blogs will help you as it does her. She is starting her journey out of the dark. A process that takes time. Let her know ya there. Let her know she is supported by others, like myself. 

So here is Essense and her write up. Enjoy and visit

Essence used to be unknowingly stuck in the prison of the victim mentality. Every aspect of her life was filled with agony, confusion, and despair. Essence had nothing worth fighting for. That is until she began looking to understand the meaning of “God.” Funny enough, that's how she found her true self. 


Nurturing Essence’s internal world is imperative to her well-being. In fact, her devotion to “God,” and thus herself, blesses her with a wholeness she was once reluctant to even acknowledge as possible. She has achieved something that was deemed impossible solely by caring for herself (with a little bit of energy work.) Essence aims to help others understand and learn about their internal world, as well. One’s consciousness creates every subsequent experience we have. Our internal well-being creates our external experiences. 


Sharing these ‘secrets’ and understandings is now her life’s mission. Essence just can’t keep what she’s learned a secret. As it turns out, these lessons are mirrored throughout history and various spiritual paths.


In addition, Essence likes to practice energy work to heal herself and others. She is dedicated to helping survivors (and everyone else) grow by paying attention to one’s internal world. Let’s grow together. Visit Essence’s site at to read more about her journey.