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Hi, I'm Steve, AKA Cockney Buddha.


I started therapy again about 2.5 years ago. If you have not read my Bio, I have really bad Anxiety and Depression. I say again because I have seen many therapists and Psychiatrists. I have been on many different pharmaceuticals that did not help me. Not saying they don't help others but they just did not help me. Then I went suicidal one day and my wife found Judith who is now my therapist. I love Judith. A totally different approach that I have never had before. You feel Judith caring. It comes from the heart.


So after about a year or so I got into Energy Healing. Something Judith introduced me to too. Judith is also an energy healer. I went and did the class for Pranic Healing and now do it also. Then I started going over to Judith's office helping her with clients with healing. After a short period, I was sitting in on a short session first then the healing. I started to get asked if I had comments. Which I did. Living with anxiety and depression myself I could converse with them. But also noticed I was able to converse on near whatever subject was coming up. Judith started offering me to come in more often and sit on sessions to help. Having that connection with somebody that is going through something you understand is very valued by the other person. Including suicidal thinking. I have connected with people with those thoughts too. 


Then an Intern that Judith had taken on quit. The Intern had clients. One day I went over to Judith's office for my weekly therapy session and Judith says I want to talk to you about something. Tells me about what happened with the intern and then says...."I would like you to consider filling the spot" 


So here I am. With Judith's client's invitation and consent as is always the case when helping, I still help Judith with people with therapy and healing, but I am now taking on my own clients. I am not a licensed therapist and do not pretend to be. We tell people up front I am not licensed. I work under Judith. I consult with her and ask questions if need be and send reports back. Judith says I have a natural talent for this profession. It seems to come naturally. I am constantly researching. Watching interviews with great people and reading whatever I can to help others and myself. I follow different ways and philosophies like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and anything else that helps. I'm always open to learning a new philosophy or way. If it makes sense then I follow up and want to know about it. I follow many different people like Rich Roll, Brian Rose, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton to name a few. I totally changed who I was. I'm now total Plant Base with my diet and enjoy learning ways of cooking in the field of Plant Base too. I use to work kitchens as a Chef back in London and here in the U.S. So cooking is always an interest for me. 


So please let me help you. Judith, my therapist put me on this journey, and its one I am fully on board with and growing. I really LOVE to do this and would love to help YOU. It's my calling. I have had friends say I was born to do this.


I work at a lower rate. Don't work with insurance but with the lower cost its doable for you. Judith tells me I am worth much more. That's a massive compliment from an amazing lady. All the years I was in therapy....nobody has got me to where I am now but Judith has. I work the same way as Judith does. With the same philosophies and ways of doing things. One session I sat in with Judith, Judith said to the client, "Im not like ya normal therapist". "I do whatever it takes to get the job done". It stuck with me. That's how I think too.....




So please email me. Let me help you.  

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