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I would first like to say that everything you read, see, hear etc,. from this day and any future context is of my own personal opinions. I'm not a mental health specialist or a doctor and if you require that type of help then please get professional help. Here is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline also. So please, if you are in crisis please go to this page

Also if you live in the Central Florida area please check out  The Mental Health Association of Central Florida at this 



Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve and I was born in London England. I now live in Florida and have done for past 21 years. But I have lived in the U.S since 1994.  I was living in Maryland right before I moved down to the sunny state.

I suffer from pretty extreme Anxiety and Depression and have even gone dark a few times because of it. I now have been following methods what I call "my road".Like Buddhism and Taoism.  I use what I call "My Tools" like meditating, Yoga, Reading, Staying Present, Music, Art, PodCasts, Pranic Healing and so on to keep my mind from focusing on the things that cause the anxieties  and depression.  All these things will be discussed on this site.

The reason I wanted to start a website was to communicate with the hundreds of people that suffer with Mental Health, in all its different forms. I wanted to start a community, especially in central Florida, for communication, sharing, support of one another. It's way better knowing that you're not alone and are surrounded by people that understand what you are going through. I wanted to start this because of the lack of voice for Mental Health. I want to share things that I have started doing that helps me, and I want to learn what works for you. We can ALL learn from each other.


I would like to start groups:  Meditation groups, classes put on by different people and their art.  Start a blog. Share your art, whatever that may be. I like Photography and am a trained Chef as a profession , even though sadly I no longer do due to my anxiety and depression. So I love to be around food and foodies. I love to show people cooking methods and talk about kitchens.  Let's build a local and far-reaching community together. You bring what you know to the table and I can bring and share what I know. The options are endless and very exciting!  I'm learning all the time.  I even have anxiety overdoing this because it's the unknown, but it's important to me to face it and do this for the community.


Let's all help each other on the road for happiness because everybody on this beautiful Earth deserves to be happy!

Introducing You to You

Who Are You?

You owe a lot to yourself. You are the only one out of an estimated 7.5 billion people on this beautiful earth, that is YOU.  Nobody shares the same body chemistry anywhere in that 7.5 billion. Id say that makes YOU Unique right? ABSOLUTELY!!


Now think of this. We are made of Molecules, correct? What are Molecules broken down into? Atoms! I watched a video on YouTube where a guy was explaining about body atoms. He said 99.99% of an Atom is space. So, who are you? Then throw in the fact that we have one of the most amazing computers that you will ever see, your brain. You can't see what somebody else's brain is thinking, but it is working just like a super-computer.


Approximately 90% of your mind is your subconscious mind. The part of the brain that does not sleep even when you are. Amazing!!! Don't you think? So start thinking of yourself as a unique individual, because YOU ARE.


What an AMAZING world we live in!

Staying Present

A blog about the not so easy task of staying present.


This is a great Documentary/Movie  about two guys that I follow. John Joseph and Brian Rose. 


This is an amazing program. I had many emotions watching this. It's in 3 parts. this is the first

One Strange Rock

Amazing accounts from Astronauts about our Beautiful Earth. Will Smith hosts. Find it on Netflix or On Demand  

Movies/Documentary Worth Watching

Glorious Books

Thought I would put a new piece to the site highlighting books I have read.


This one was one of my first when I started my journey. A very well respected and followed man Sadhguru has a great story. Notice the page tags. I tag my pages to go back too. This book was probably the start of my journey. Check his Pod Casts too.


I created this site with my own money because I wanted to share my experiences on my mental health path in the hopes of helping others.  However, I do accept donations if you want to help me with the costs of keeping this site up and running.  Namaste!


Tell me something about yourself of if you have a question, I will receive an email at mindnutrition4all@gmail.com after you  submit the form below.  I DO read all of the emails and will usually respond as soon as I receive them.

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This site, much like ourselves, is Under Construction.  We will be constantly adding new information on this site to help feed your mind.  Namaste.