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Who Are You?

Taken by Tomaz Barcellos on Pexels

Ok, we all know that when we look in a mirror we see what resembles us right? But is what you see you?

We are more than just what you are looking at. In fact how many times have we seen a total stranger and made our minds up about who they are or what they do for a living or kinds of reactions they may have without even meeting them or even saying hello for that matter, right? Groups of people will also get painted with a broad brush due to race, religion, or what political party they support. Does that mean they are the way you think they are? by just looking at a person. A classic example is some of the shows like the Americas Got Talent. Somebody walks out to sing and we are already saying, "Oh boy, this is gonna be funny". Then BOOM, a full-on opera singer. Or I have heard people judge another because the person they are looking at has a lot of tattoos or piercings. I have corrected a few times those that judge. How do they know that the person with the tattoos is not an Engineer? Or a Scientist? Straight away I have heard "Oh, how is he/she going anywhere looking like that" Or words to that effect. If ya had of seen me a few years back I wore all heavy metal band shirts and shirts with skulls etc. Long goatee. Very shaved down hair and black ankle Converse boots. In fact, the only thing ya would have guessed right is yeah I am into some Heavy Metal, Industrial, and everything in between. But ask my music likes at the time and I would of also told you I like classical, opera some electronic, some hip hop, Etc. But I would of had a label that put on me without seeing ME. When I lived in London we use to have train carriages that would hold about 10 to 12 people. Just these little individual areas. Bench seats and two windows on either side. If I was coming home from work and got on one of the carriages first, I have seen people come up to the door, look and move on down. Was great for me cause I would get it to myself haha Maybe I would of done the same as them who knows.

Now, how do we judge another from the outside when that's all we are looking at, the outside right? We are not the outside of our bodies. What you see in the mirror. We are so much more. Do we see the mind of somebody? Do we see the spirit of that person? What they are interested in? What they love? Who they love? Do we see Compassion? Empathy or kindness of somebody from seeing the outside? What if that person that looked like me years ago was a charity worker and gave his time to a worthwhile cause? What if like me when I lived on the Washington D.C border, they gave time to a soup kitchen in a rough area of town. Do ya see that?

To fully see a person you have to engage with that person. Talk to them and feel the energy of that person. Compassion, Empathy, Love, Caring are just some of the real things that make a person who they are. We are not our body shape and size or how we look or dress. We all go deeper, much deeper than that.

If you were to take us apart and lay us out on a table its just a mix of parts that all come together to make a being right? In fact, without the brain, those parts would not even work. Its just skin, bone, and pieces of different things that do not represent who we are at all. You have to have a conscience, right? When you're born you know nothing. Two things a baby knows, food and not to be dropped. Everything else is learned. Everything is picked up in Sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. As we grow we make up our own analogies of what we are experiencing with the senses. And so program the computer, the brain, with a knowledge of what we like and don't like.

Something else to think about is this. We are made up of molecules correct? The molecule is made up of atoms correct? If Atoms are 99.99% space, who or what are we?

We build love, have compassion and empathy for others through living, and feeling it. It's not a taste or a smell. It's not something you can see until it is demonstrated by another. It's like a spiritual program that we build within us. A being that can't be explained but its what makes the real us. It's relative to just us too. Our program, not somebody else's. Its what makes us all unique.

So when you do meet somebody and find out about them, the real them then the outside becomes relevant. It becomes like a banner for what's inside that person that we love and care about. You see that person next time and know what's there inside, good and bad.

So next time you look in the mirror look inside. Next time you feel the urge to think that somebody is bad because of how they look outside think again. Ya probably wrong.


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