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Love, what is it?

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

A parents love for a child is unconditional

It is something that is so easily done. So why do people find it so hard to show?

Love comes from within. It comes along with compassion. Love can be instant, and sometimes has to be built. It breaks down barriers between people, and can make a big difference to somebody that is not feeling loved. We all have the capabilities of it so why do we not see more of it? It costs nothing, and can be as easy as a smile. It doesn’t have to be narrowed down to just human beings either.

I can be having a bad depression day and my dog knows. He will walk up and look at me to be cuddled. When I lean forward and grab hold of him, it gives me a rush of feeling of love. Animals give love and can’t even say it. When somebody is having a bad day, and you smile with compassion, it shows them you’re there, that you care.

When each of my girls was born, the overwhelming love was instant. Here I have a part of me in my arms that I want to nurture and teach what I know, the best that I can. I also bring my girls up to love and care about others. Love breaks down walls of hate.

Loving yourself is also important. This is something I still work on. It's only recently since I have been finding myself more that I have started accepting who I am. I give myself credit for what I have as far as being able to have Love, compassion and caring for others. I'm now starting to like and love these things about me. It took me being on this “path” to find these traits as positive in myself. I have always cared about others and often will put myself out to help another. Something I don't even think about because I have LOVE for others. I was brought up this way. So if we teach our kids to LOVE and not HATE, we can change the way things are today. So by loving these things about yourself, you have love for you.

When I'm talking to a good friend and about to leave, I will say “Love ya.” Why not? Love can be shown in many different ways. In the words you say, expressions on your face, a loving touch. In fact, when my wife touches my arm, holds my hand, or sometimes just touches the top of my head while I'm sitting, it shows me love and caring. Don't cost a penny and yet it's very powerful. It's funny how something material we will say “I love it” You may like it but not love. You can feel spiritual love. Look at a beautiful landscape scene and a spiritual feeling of love may come upon you. Walk into a Church or religious building and a feeling of love may surround you.

So Love, in my opinion, comes in different forms. But a love for another human being is a love far at the top of my list.

So, when you are out an about, smile at somebody, say, “Hello.” Show love. The more love we show others, love won't only help them, but you too.

Love you!


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תגובה אחת

10 במאי 2019

Thank you Steve, I really enjoyed reading your post. LOVE you too. Mom

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