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It's our Freedom of Speech. Right?

I like to think of Freedom of Speech as like a Law to be able to speak your opinion

Something that we all have the beauty of having but so miss understood in my opinion. I always write in my opinion so it's my thoughts and how I feel about subjects.

which brings me to write back to Freedom of Speech. So many arguments start over it. Ya can have a war start over somebody saying something that's "Out of line". Who is it out of line to? Just a person that disagrees with your OPINION. So Is Freedom of Speech just like a Law under which you are protected to speak your opinions? Freedom of Speech says....You are protected from prosecution etc for speaking out, right? But it's an individual's opinions that we react to. Now in some other countries, they do not get this privilege at all. You will be killed for saying anything about a world "Leader" in some of these countries. SO, yeah, its an amazing freedom to have. Ask the guys that don't have that. But, it's still another saying how THEY feel about something. What THEIR opinion is.

Another thing with Freedom of Speech that people don't understand or forget. When you state your opinion, feeling or view on something don't think that the other person will not come back using their Freedom of speech back at what you just said. That's ignorance. Where it goes wrong is when Egos start getting in the way. Each person feels so strongly about their way is better that it goes to anger. Could this be down to not being heard? by the other, feeling belittled? maybe feeling looked down on? But it sure can get heated because each person has their Freedom of Speech to speak their opinion.

First, I learned its much calmer to listen to the other person and think, they are absolutely entitled to have their opinions. Are they not? You can't deny that you can put a subject in front of 5 people and there are gonna be different views, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Right? How boring would it be to always be agreeing How are discussions made like that? So, step back take a breath and think they are entitled to their thoughts and feelings. If we are allowed ours, then they are allowed theirs. Right there, will bring your stress levels down. If everybody thought like this there would be no fights over conversations. Yes, discussions may get a bit louder but don't hate or dislike another because they don't think and feel like you....They ain't you. And do ya want them to be?

When somebody is starting to make you feel a little hot under the collar due to what they are saying. Recognize the feelings in your body. Acknowledge that they are there and take a breath. In to the stomach. Then think.....we are ALL allowed the beauty of Freedom of Speech. And this is just another personal opinion that I don't have to agree with but also don't need to be angry with either. It does not change how I feel. And let go. See how you feel. I feel a lot better thinking this way.

EVERYBODY is allowed their Freedom of Speech and their OPINION too...Right?


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