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Friendships, Mate's, Ext. Family

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Great Friendship's last forever. I call the friends that are solid friends like this Extended Family.

Great Friendships last forever.

Friendships are built from young to old. From rich or poor. No matter what your religion, political view or race. I have a vast mix of friends from all walks of life. Different ages, different religions, in fact I don't even ask. Different views on life, you name it, I probably have them. I value every one of them because I know they value me. Now we all have our brothers. When it comes to them few, if you call an say you have a serious problem at 3am, you know ya can count on them, and they would be there. Ya have ya mates that you can talk to about one thing and another about something else. Some may not agree with each other when they are all in a room. But they are all there at your birthday party, you know why? YOU!! When you can count on mates that are with you through thick and thin. Happy times and sad times. The one ya can shout at and no offence taken. The one you can disagree with and they still respect you, well, as far as I know for myself, I'm never ALONE.

Always great being close to friends.

When you have a mental health problem those mates and extended family really do help you get through the heavy bumps in the road. It's the times when I have somebody turn up on the doorstep when i'm having a not so good day and say, "How you doing" that you really feel grateful. Or the message when they have not heard from you in a while on Whats App or text. Even that voicemail they leave when they know something is up. I feel the love, support and respect in every one of them. Its why I do the same back.

Check when you have not heard. Send them a message by text or some other app that you all may use. Leave a voice mail. If you're a person with mental health like I am, we are not the only ones with shit going on. Be compassionate to your mates back. They could be having a rough day, hear from you, and it comes at the right time for them too. Even if you just make them have a laugh for 15 min, It works the same way when they turn up at the times when you wasn't expecting them too. They feel the same support. It also makes me feel real good too. Few times I have had the message back, "Thanks for checking on me" or "Love ya brother". It works both ways!

Having that loving support around you when you have a Mental Health problem does not go unnoticed. It would be way more difficult not having mates, for me anyway. I have had them there when I have been rough and had them there with the fun times too. Then I have mates that I may not talk to on a regular basis, but then that one contact and it's like we talked all the time.

So, if you haven't heard from a mate in a while contact them. How about somebody you may of lost touch with? Contact them, Don't say, "well they don't contact me." Be the better person and make contact. Afraid of the phone? Text or use another contact app or write a letter. One thing I used to like to do, especially when I was dating my now American wife, is write a letter. There is something personable about a hand-written letter. You will be making somebody smile. You could even save somebodies life. Its letting them know you care and are there for them.

Now I want to thank all my Mates and Extended family for the love and support I get every day and throughout the years. I love every one of ya.

Love one another.

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