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Freedom To Be Who You Are.

I felt I needed to write a blog about Freedom to be whoever we are. Whether black, white, Asian, Hispanic whoever you are. It does not matter to me. It also does not matter to me what religion you follow. Or if you even follow a religion. The problem has become an I'm right your wrong attitude, especially with religion. You don't believe what I believe so your wrong attitude. We pretend that the words that come out of our mouth don't have an impact on another person. I love somebody because of who they are. Their being. Their spirit. Who they are. I don't see the color of skin or where they come from. I don't see what religion they are. I see a human.  I have friends from all walks of life. Different cultures, different religions. It's what makes relationships interesting. Learning about the other person as well as them learning about me. Its compassion for another that you connect with. It's a love shared and respect for each other. Some will even hear an accent and if it doesn't fit in their narrow-minded box then you are not even given a second look. When I first moved to the U.S I never wanted to talk out in public. I felt very isolated. The only people I knew were my now wife, my inlaws, and a couple of my wife's friends. Anybody that has spoken to me knows I have a thick cockney type accent and I saw this as foreign in a country I did not know at all. I did not want to have the  "Oh yeah, wheres he from" "He doesn't belong here". It feels a bit isolating. Then when I got my stamp of approval, so to speak, from the immigration it said LEGAL ALIEN!!! Wow!!!! Yeah, makes ya feel not wanted at all. I was in culture shock for about a year. I was worried about how people would see immigrant. Wasn't until a therapist said, "people will find ya accent pretty cool" that I started talking properly.  But that feeling of isolation and not belonging is a hard one. And yet we treat people of this country like they don't belong and they were born here. The same goes for other countries too not just the U.S. Britain was not letting the Ghurkas stay until a few years ago, and they fight right alongside us in wars. My Dad fought alongside them. Then Britain was saying nope! ya not welcome! Crazy!!!! What, cause they are not from Britain? WOW!!!!  When people are born and grow as little ones, nobody cares about who each other is. Friends are friends and ya grow up that was. It's a learned behavior not liking another cause of color. It's narrow-minded to think this person is different than me so nope I don't like them. One of my best mates is an African American fella that's one of the family. I had a mate in London from St Lucia. Awesome fella. Played rugby with him too. We had an incident with cops walking to the train station to go home from work. Two cops, one woman and one fella stopped us because my mate swore towards me in regular conversation. Talking to my mate direct about don't do that.  I grab my mate and say leave it and then the cop comes for me. So I have seen what happens out there.  Nobody should feel that way. Everybody has a right to live free from fear and prejudice.  I have a friend in another state whose boys are mixed race. They go through hell. Why? Cause of narrow-minded individuals who see anything outside their "Box" as wrong. They don't even try to get to know you. My Niece and Nephew are of mixed race. Half Jamaican to be exact. I know my Nephew has been on receiving ends of abuse. What about Gay people? How many great people in this community get tossed aside because of who they love. I have had great gay friends. Worked with great gay people and another one of my awesome friends is gay. An awesome spiritual being that's been through a lot. I don't see her as Gay, I see her as a great friend. Again, one of the family. Then ya politicians and media move people like pawns on a chessboard for their own agenda. The media will show all the bad crap. What does that do? Stirs shit up!! Well done media. Turn people against each other. Then politicians who can step up and start seeing the other side ain't. So ya get demonstrations. I believe in peaceful demonstrating but hurting another through violence I do not believe in. I follow a path where everything is beautiful and deserves to live. Down to the smallest insect. We all have the right to be free from fear. We all should have equal rights. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE SEEN AND LOVED.



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