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Empath? Really?

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When I first started my therapy with Judith about 2 years ago or so I was in my world of the OLD me. If you would have told me back then that I would be on this path of finding myself through different means I would have probably laughed. I didn't even wanna go back into therapy. I had been through enough of that in the past and many many different medications. None worked apart from Lithium which calmed my rage, But when I told a mate that I was on Lithium and it was the only thing that did something he said it should it's heavy-duty. What did I know then, twenty-odd years ago? I put myself in the hands of them that I thought was gonna help. Side effects were worse. At least I felt something right?....side effects. Im not saying medication does not work for people. It just was not working for me. My mental health did not improve, so said, "That's it I'm done". Then after seeing many other therapists was done with that too. Then many years later, went suicidal. My wife said you need help! I did not want it one bit. What the heck can they tell me now that I wasn't already told right? Then Judith came along.

I met with Judith that first-day and was apprehensive and withdrawn. My wife came with me, probably to make sure I went haha. So after the first meeting, I knew there was something different. Wasnt like other therapy I had in the past. Very calming, very compassionate, loving, and empathetic. For the first time here was somebody that felt me in some way, what I was saying and feeling. I knew this by expressions on Judith's face, and what she said back to me.

As I got to know Judith each week, I come to see that she was into energy healing, and in touch with the universe and her surroundings which is used in her therapy. Like a Hippy I guess. I became intrigued. What is all this? What does it mean? I started getting into meditation and then Judith showed how I can feel the energy. Now I'm a skeptic with things until I see it or have proof. Well, I felt it and that was enough proof for me. I wanted more and more. Meditation, I was getting more and more into. Researching everything I could, and still do. Then started looking at Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, QiGong, you name it I want to know. Went and did my class for my Pranic Healing and really changed who I was.

Then I started picking up on things. Others' emotions etc. Sometimes I meditate and somebody will come to mind. A voice says check this or that with the person. Certain emotions they are having or pains they are having etc. I didn't know what the heck was happening the first couple of times. I went into Judith who at this stage I know well and told her what was happening. By the way, I would verify what I was feeling, seeing, or thinking with whoever had come to mind. Judith said ya an Empath. WHAT!!!! What's that?????? So she explained it to me.

Well even though I still get taken back by it and have recently got a book to refine it a bit its the proof that is letting me know that this exists. Just recently I was meditating and a lady in England came to mind. I see her writing and the color red. When I finished meditating I messaged and asked. She said she just got done writing out cards and the envelope of the last one was red. Also, the voice (which I now think is a spirit guide), even though it's like me telling myself, said there was some muscle pain on the right shoulder blade and neck. Which again she verified as true. I have predicted emotion when writing to somebody and also explained where somebody walked and what they did in their house without me even knowing anything about where they live etc. It's a very strange feeling. But like I said before I'm a skeptic until proven or see it. There is no mistake that there is definitely something. Sure sounds crazy, especially if ya knew years ago and who I was. I would probably of even been one of those that would of said, "WHAT, That's crazy". But who am I to judge.

Now I look at everything. If somebody has a certain method I wanna know about it. Shamans, Gurus, Yogis, I wanna know. Who are we to judge ancient teachings of what works. It doesn't mean giving up on religious beliefs. It means looking at other ways with a curiousness and openness.

So now I say yeah I'm an Empath. I seem to be able to pick up on things when doing healing better too. Something will say check this or do this. I do it and it works. I do long-distance healing too. I also help my therapist with other people. She said I have the ability and have had some good success helping others.

So, I won't stop researching, or learning. It has become a passion of mine to know these ways. I'm not bulletproof I have bad days with my own mental health which can get heavy sometimes. But I always try pulling myself back to center and with what I am learning.

Stay strong, Love one another.



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