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Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels
Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

Did you give up when you were learning how to walk? Did you give up when learning a new skill? Did you give up on learning a sport? Did you give up on a challenge that you wanted to complete? How about a video game? Then don't give up on yourself.

Things get tough when our mental health starts to go into high gear. Scary too. It's a place that overtakes our whole being. Our mind and body. When my depression has got really bad I have even gone suicidal, more than once. That's a whole different area of depression that I hate. Hates a big word with a lot of power but that area of depression deserves a word like hate. But don't give up. Know that you will come through. By the way, if your feeling suicidal don't try to go things alone. Call somebody or make contact with somebody. Call a support group or person. is one place to start too. is another great website to check out. You are NOT alone. There are people to help. People love you and can help. Just ask for help.

When I go through some bad mental situations now, I look at it and try to pick up on something to learn. My recent episode lasted a while. Then one night I started watching inspirational things. One being the Dali Larma touring Britain. After that, I watch a Russel Brand vid on YouTube and I felt myself come out of it. What did I learn? Start watching those kinds of programs earlier. I had a panic attack once while out. I wrote a blog about it, so check for that one. It was a really bad panic attack too. When I got in I just went and laid down. Then a little bit later something said blog about it ya may help somebody that is going through it and don't know what it is. So I did.

Give service to others. Call somebody and ask how they are doing. Go on social media and help somebody on there going through something like you are. Remember you have an "advantage" You know what the person on the other end is feeling because you're feeling it too. That's a connection that should not be taken lightly. I have been looked at many times with that you understand look. A lot of therapists don't even have that because they don't have mental health. Put your "Tools" into action. Reading, art, name it. Anything you use to steer your thinking to a positive or keeping you present is a tool.

Write a list of things to put into action when them times hit. Somebody I help said, Focus List. I laughed and said I'm using that title. This will help you when you're in those spiraling thought patterns of anxiety or living in the past with depression. We forget all the "Tools" when in those patterns of thinking a reminder helps until it becomes a routine of switching into them.

When you give up the thinking wins, you go deeper and deeper down or lose control completely. If your anything like me I've lost too many battles and once I knew I had tools it was on. DO therapy, you may have to shop around until ya find one that works for you but again worth it. Learn about yourself and your anxieties. Learn off others what they do. I beat a panic attack the other night. Somebody on Twitter said it cant be done. Well, I beg to differ because I did it. Negative thoughts were coming nice and strong trying to stop me from going forward. I said STOP!!!! out loud. Threw a few swear words at it and it quieted down. Then I started hitting heavy with positives.....I WON!!! I was in control of them, not them me. So yeah, it can be done. Not the first time I've done it either. I'm not just somebody saying this....I have had anxiety and depression for years and the only past couple of years starting to learn.

It's a fight you can win. Not foolproof, ya will have bad times but is it not better to have more better times?



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Jun 26, 2020

Hey Steve I really like this blog. The reason is that it sounds like you are fighting the good fight. I can relate to this information 100%. Be strong Love you to the world and back. Namaste.

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