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Do Ya Feel Overwhelmed ?

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Ya wake up in the morning and the thinking starts. Everything from ya work, to personal relationships, family, you name it and its swirling around in the mind. We try to keep track of things but nope! not making it. Now emotions are getting involved because the thinking is making it so. "I'm not gonna make the phone call today" Depending on who the call is to will depend on what emotion is gonna go with the thinking. Call about finding info on something? Disappointment but not that big of a deal. It can wait until tomorrow. But what if the call is to a family member that cherishes those calls? Now guilt right? Yeah overwhelm can really take over and be a problem. The more the layers of overwhelm the higher the emotions and then anger and resentments can come in. You resent the fact you are needing to do certain things cause its in ya layers of overwhelm. Ya get angry, resentment will do that. "Why do I have to walk the dog". "Look at everything I have to do" But, it does no good by getting angry. In fact what's the anger covering? We avoid even saying I am overwhelmed. Why? weakness,? maybe? Feeling of not being able to cope as an adult? Abandoned? Let down? easier to get angry than admit these emotions right?

So what to do. Ya can release some of this overwhelm but getting out of ya head. Meaning, take a sheet of paper and start writing everything down that rolling around in ya mind. All the while its in ya head its all mixed up. Bumping into one another. Ya may not even get any one thing done cause ya start one thing, another comes into ya mind and ya find yourself starting that project without even finishing the first one. when you write things down it makes it real. It gets the thoughts out of ya head and down on paper. You can now see it, right? Now go through the list.

There will be a bunch of things on there that you have absolutely no control over. Booked a holiday down the coast but it may rain. Can ya change the weather? If it does rain does this ruin your whole holiday? Covid....yep we are all in it together. Can ya change it? Being patient, (Check my blog on Patience) is best thing you can do with Covid. We have light at the end of the tunnel. But not much ya can do right? So, all the things that are on that list that you can do absolutely nothing about take it off the list and let it go. Now what ya left with look at again. What's on there that's really not that bad if ya miss it and can be left until the next day? Put that to the bottom of ya new list. Work up to the things that are more important. PRIORITISE! Now take a blank sheet of paper and cover everything up except the one you are gonna be working on. As you accomplish each task, cross it out and move the paper down to the next.

By doing this method, you take it out your head. Remove the stuff ya can't do anything about and Prioritizing the list from most important to least important. As you work your way towards the bottom of the list and ya see ya not gonna get the least important things done, it wont hurt as much as if it were the most important, right? Just add them to this list next day or time. Plus when its kept in your head you will be more inclined to forget something. So write it down.


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