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Did I hear Give Up? NO WAY!

Don't give up
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Even though I have written a blog around this subject before I wanted to address it again.

Ok, guys, I help and have helped many people and have no problem telling any of them or you, I am not bulletproof. I have not so good days trust me. Been down that path of bad Anxiety/Depression days. The thinking keeps coming and spiraling...ya can't grab any of it.

Those days are rough for sure. Ya think ya not gonna pull out. If ya give in and say this is how it's going to be then all that's gonna happen is keep the spiral going downwards. Why would we wanna do that? Do we really want to live our day to day in a spiral. Or, fight our way back and recentre ourselves.

When you wake in the morning and ya mind is saying "don't get up what's the use", GET UP! When ya mind is saying "I can't be bothered to shower or take a bath", DO THE OPPOSITE. When the word cant keeps coming into ya mind bounce back with I CAN. Easier said than done I hear ya say, but it can be done. If I had given up I may not be sitting here writing this blog. Redirecting the mind is a big help. Talking to somebody is also a big help. That go-to person that understands. Or can just listen. Are you in therapy? Do you have a support person? If the answer is no then it may be something to consider. A good therapist like I have with Judith is an absolute Godsend. I will text or message Judith letting her know what's going on. Sometimes I am learning something from the mental health issue I am in and will let her know that too cause it is a place to explore for the next session I have with her. I have a mate back in England I am helping. Steering on a new journey. I'm not counseling him cause that just doesn't work with friends and family. But guidance on a path of self-awareness, and a new spiritual path is possible.

A few good years ago a mate of mine said "You need tools". First I had even heard this so wanted to know more. I have a blog on this in the blog menu of my site. So check that out. But it's basically having a number of things you can turn to that helps divert the mind. I have a folder on my phone with apps to help me. Meditation App, an app called Medium, a sound app, among others. I have friends out there too that are also in the same boat as me with their mental health problems. So if they ask how ya doing and I say not so good right now they check on me. Sometimes all it takes is them sending a pic saying that Im loved and being thought about. YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY LOVE! Tap into that. I bet you would not think twice about doing it for them right?

Being around none caring toxic people will not help you. The ones that say just snap out of it. Or why cant ya do this, those kind of comments will not work. In fact, it can lead to more spiraling the very opposite of what ya need. It doesn't even need words at times. I was in with my therapist once and was on a real downer. A real dark area. Suicidal thoughts and just not there mentally. Judith said, "would ya like a hug". Came and sat next to me and held me like I was a 10-year-old little boy and I broke down. She just rubbed my back saying it's OK. Then we talked. But the "toxic" comments are not gonna help. I have had, "Why are ya punishing yourself". Like I have an answer for that, right? It's not like we wanna be where we are at.

Music is another great tool I use. Sometimes putting headphones on or pumping some music through the Soundsystem is a good mind redirect. Music has energy. Close your eyes and become present with it. Classical music is awesome for this. Pick out each instrument and be fully present with it. If you have a real good set of headphones, strings, vocals, etc are crystal clear. It's almost like ya can hear the bow on the strings. If you're present enough you will pick it up.

The other thing is all these things will pass. Don't give up and ya will get through and learn. Ask questions. Where is this coming from? What is my thinking? What are the emotions I am feeling? Get outside too. Being around nature is awesome. Listen to sounds around you. Outside is also great for sound meditation. Go barefoot for a little on the soil or grass. Get around trees. They give off an energy that you can pick up on. Get to the beach or coastline. How do ya feel when ya have been on the beach or coastline? Pretty good right? There is a reason for this. Salt air for a start. Salt air and ocean help clear the negative energy.

Every Friday I get on Xbox with some mates back in England. Yeah, the game is good to play together but the laughs I have can and have pulled me out of a slump. I try and keep that Friday time free. Its important. I have gone on there and said to them I ain't doing so good but after playing for a bit and them making me laugh it helps a lot.

Remember you are unique. 7.5 billion people on this beautiful earth and only one of you. You are loved by many that want you to be the best you. You mean a lot to many

We do the things that at the time we really don't wanna do.


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