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Corona Anxiety?

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum from Pexels
Don'T PANIC Vaccine is coming

So yeah I have done a tonne of reading. Not to my advantage a lot of it. One thing when ya have anxiety issues already is don't go exploring the net. It will give ya so much info ya will overload. Ya anxiety jumps ya back and forth. Landing on the bad news a lot more cause that's what ya anxieties are gonna pic out. There could be a whole article on people recovering or even stories out there now of people that have recovered telling you what they went through, but we may here new deaths in the same article and throw the recoveries out. We focus bigger on the negatives of ANY story. Of cause people passing away is terrible. Again send positive energies out there. But we don't even give recovery stories a second look. Then our mind goes straight to, "Oh, Shit I'm gonna pass away". Well, they say that about 80% of the people so far have had mild symptoms. Some if any at all. By the way, there has been a 103-year-old lady in China that got through in 9 days. Plus I read one of the recovery stories of a fella giving his own report. He has diabetes and said he had worse flu. So think about. Yeah we don't want it but focusing totally on the negative doesn't help. Does it?

My anxiety has been through the roof with this. Plus I have my Mum back in London that I worry about. Having to leave to get to my family here in U.S was very difficult. But first of all, I have fantastic mates that said they can help her. Plus I got things stocked up for her before I left so on lockdown she won't have to go to her town. I'm texting her all the time too and she always reassures me, she's good.

So don't do what I did, even though ya probably have already. Think about the positives and not so much on the negatives. When you see numbers increase check how many are through. Read the stories. The folks of Italy all came out on their balconies while in lockdown and started singing. It must have been amazing. A coming together of people. Picking each other up.

Know what ya can't control and the wisdom to change the ones ya can. I can't control the situation. The vaccine will do that. By dwelling on things we can not control or fix, all we are doing is making our spiraling mind worse. We want to fix or see fixing. I think the reason I kept reading EVERYTHING was looking for the pick me up of its fixing. And when I started in January remember it was well young and there was NO good news like there is now out there. In fact when ya reading about scientist scratching their heads and here I am just a Londoner living in U.S saying "Holy shit". But scientist scratching their heads is not me scratching mine, is it? They are scratching their heads with a brain all ready on the next move. But we see is...they don't know, don't we? Straight to negatives. That's why they do what they do. They LOVE working this shit out. I even read that there are some brain boxes that have the virus molecule down to its atoms and are studying how it attaches to a human cell. That was a few weeks ago I read that. So guys, when ya read about scientists figuring things out that, is not a bad thing. Figuring it out is not putting ya hands up and saying I'm defeated, is it? But our mind reads, they have been beaten. Not by a long shot. As I said, IT'S COMING!!! Sure don't do what I have done and listened to others totally not in the know too. Ya football mate that comes into ya saying "Just read an article that says science is scratching its head". Ya gonna go straight to negative and why? Think what I just said, ya really think with hand on heart that science is not all over this? In fact, Human trials have started already. One researcher/Scientist I think she is, in China that was on the SARS and MERS project has injected herself and I believe some staff with the "Vaccine" to see what effect it has on her and them.

Plus have ya read Chinas numbers? How little they are getting now? How Some of the schools are reopening and some factories back to work? It's happening there....without a vaccine remember. We have one coming.

If you feel you need to check for info. Give yaself a time to do it and a set amount of time on it and then done with it. Watch news once a day not all day every day. Leave the brain work to the professionals. They are on it trust me.

Get into some Yoga, exercising even if it's walking. How about stretching for 15min a couple of times a day. Listen to an audiobook. Lots of apps out there for it. Read something positive in a book. I am reading one right now that's to do with Buddhism and how it relates to psychology. Watch a positive show or documentary. I subscribe to a channel called Giai. A great channel with lots of good things to learn. Subscribe to some You Tube guys and watch interviews etc. Bruce Lipton, Brian Rose at London Real, Russell Brand, Joe Dispenza and so on...all great things to watch. Download Medium app....ya will love it. Do some art projects, color, etc. This keeps your mind in the positive. And let's not forget the best...MEDITATION!!!! Do it 3 or 4 times a day if need be.

All we can do is what we can do. Most of that is taking care of our mental health. Follow the WHO and CDC rules. If we all stick to the guidance we will all be good. Don't get complacent and think "Nah it's alright" Wash ya hands for at least 20 sec...I do way longer. If ya don't know how to do this simple act as a defense then look it up. Keep ya distance from the next person. So many people I see inline on top of each other....WHY???? Ya need to get that closer to the till so ya can get out .5 seconds faster. Give the recommended 6ft span. Stay clear of people showing symptoms. One of the two big ones I read is Fever and a new continued cough. Its common-sense practices that to tell ya the truth, even in regular flu season "rules"need to be stuck too. I know even when all this comes to an end I will still be rubbing down my area on the plane with wipes. Why not? It made me think that what I am doing now, why have I not done in the past. Another positive I think we may see is the regular flu season numbers dropping in the future if we all stick to the rules. Even other conditions involving Viruses. Let's face it, we don't get off a piece of transport and sanitize. I didn't. Or wash my hands for 30 or so seconds. Yeah, I have been probably washing my hands wrong. Have I given that kind of time before? Probably not!

We will get through this. The calmer we stay the better and easier on the mind. When we spiral we are not thinking and make mistakes.

Stay safe, Stay Strong and come together with one human race.



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09. Apr. 2020

Hey Steve keep up the good work. Keep those blogs coming, your doing a great service to those out there in the wider world in a time of great anxiety.

Gefällt mir
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