Interesting Books

I wanted to put some interesting books up that I have read and that helped me.

Anthony Robbins 2.jpg

Probably the first self help book I bought years a go. Check the newer version. Shows how old mine is haha. Great book that I wouldn't mind reading again.  It definately opened my mind up to other ways of thinking, or other ways of looking at things.


Love this b00k!  Read it over a year ago. If you look at the author like I did, more progressive you will get an idea for the book. Really enjoyed this one and again marked pages to go back. to.


Eckhart Tolle

A mate told me to read this guy's books and very glad I did. As I read more it sure opened my mind to other ways of thinking. Look him up on YouTube.

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This is a great book. Being a Sabbath and Ozzy fan I couldn't put this book down. Very funny in parts and dead serious in others.s.

This is a great book!  Want to know the ins and outs of breathing? How to breathe? Different types of breathing techniques? This is the book. Well worth a read. 


A must-have in your collection.  Jon Kabat Zinn brought Mindfulness into the medical field and got it recognized. Check his Youtube lectures out too